vietnamese feast, part II

little sister is here, which means i’m super well fed.  not much to describe.  She asked for a menu (what I wanted to eat), i provide a list, and here we are.  Still more to come of course.  but this post is all about picture.  Some of the ingredients I’m not sure about the english translation, but all in all, very good!


typical kitchen scene:

the knife, the one and only thadieu owns since 1999, cost $8, kiwi brand

Yes, for Vietnamese cooking (at least in this family kitchen, as well as best friend’s), it is crucial that we have these items, in order of importance:
1) a proper knife (sharp, flat, thin, can cut a hair in the air). mine is this.
2) a proper pot (VERY VERY LARGE)
3) fish sauce
4a) a large soup serving scoop
4b) chopsticks
5) large soup bowls

It frustrates us to no ends when friends assure us of their knives and pots, only for us to discover their 10000+ knives can not cut scallion without breaking it, or the pot can’t even contain a whole chicken with room to spare. I now bring my pot and knife to wherever i cook… but, let’s moving on to another kitchen scene:

the pot, the soup-serving scoop, the bowl, the chopsticks, the fish sauce, and the knife

I could really live without that coffee maker, toasters, tea, etc., but such a life sharing a kitchen with a housemate :-).

Now onto the menu
1) bún măng sườn (bamboo shoot with pork rib noodle soup)


1 serving via chef little sister

2) bò lúc lắc (not sure why it’s called this yet in vietnamese, but actual name should be water-cress salad)
ingredients: fresh watercress, cilantro, onion, beef, garlic, tomato, fish sauce (naturally), pepper

zoom in of watercress salad with beef

3) nui (from the French word nouille which refers to hollowed noodles). For this particular noodle soup, we use hollowed rice noodles, and here’s the rest:

the broth with pork ribs, shallots, tomato, fish sauce, sugar, scallion


1 serving

I haven’t been hungry since 1.5 week ago…


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4 Responses to vietnamese feast, part II

  1. Eyesometric says:

    That’s a Serious Knife! Can we adopt it as a WS mezzo weapon?

  2. Flo says:

    Hi Dr. T! What lovely, hi-res pics of yummy food! Drooling here….

  3. thả diều says:

    Hello Flo, welcome! Ah, you clik on the hi-res pix? 🙂 I’m even drooling re-looking at them now. yes, what can i say, just absolutely fantastic food 🙂

    oh Eyes, do you think our WS mezzo can handle such a cleaver? tho come to think of it, i could really give them one-on-one training sessions…

  4. Eyesometric says:

    I think you may need your No.1 research assistant for that 😉

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