sweden vs japan

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here we are. I’ve taken refuge in euro-sport streaming online because they cover the game better and comment better. Japan team captain #10 gave a short speech to the crowd in her native language. It was then followed by the Swedish captain #2’s address to the crowd in her native language. The referees are holding “SAY NO TO RACISM” in the middle of the field, and all players joining them. Let’s start!

Öqvist, not in picture, scored Sweden's first goal in the 9th minute

Back to wrap up the game. AS the commentators said, total domination. Japan 3 Sweden 1. Amazing display of skills by the Japan. The first and only goal by Sweden was due to a mistake by Japanese captain Sawa, passing the ball in the defensive half too light. Super speedy Öqvist stole the ball and scored on a beautiful strike from the left side. That’s the only mistake Japan made. For the rest of the match, they completely controlled the ball in the middle of the field, slowly plotting attack.

Japan's captain, #10 Sawa, scored Japan's 2nd goal

Japan’s 3rd goal was a brilliant high ball from nearly 30m out into an empty net. Swedish goalie Landahl came out (her mistake) to try to clear the ball unsuccessfully and left the goal wide open. With or without that 3rd goal, Sweden didn’t even come close to finding an equalizer. They just could not get the ball back from the skillful Japanese players. In the last 3 minutes, Japan held the ball in the corner almost the whole time to preserve the score. Into the final they go. Hats off to Japan for another beautiful display of skills and another wonderful game. This gives me perspective on how much better Germany performed compared to Sweden. Those who think Sweden didn’t show up for the game today might not have seen Japan play. They are so skillful at keeping the ball in the midfield and disciplined on defense that it’s just nearly impossible for team Sweden to even get to the ball. It’s not Sweden giving the ball away anymore than Germany did, it’s just that the Japanese defenders are running much more and intercepting passes. Anyway, i promise not to talk about Germany anymore :-), and will enjoy the wonderful performances by team Japan.


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10 Responses to sweden vs japan

  1. thả diều says:

    sweden 1 japan 0, with super speedy Oeqvist stealing a pass from Japanese defenders. and the goal was a beauty. Japan is never out with their skillful ball control, but Sweden is highly highly dagerous with that speed up front by #14 and #8.

  2. thả diều says:

    ackkkk, i lost transmission during Japan’s tying goal!! aaarrrghhhhhhhhhhh

  3. thả diều says:

    wow, what a display of ball control and passes by Japan. After seeing them taking apart Germany in the middle of the field, I fully expected them to control this game as well. Sweden is struggling to just get the ball. Japan 2 Sweden 1 from a Sawa’s header.

    The commentator is saying that Sweden is not showing up. But I think these commentators havn’t seen Japan play then. Sylvia Neid is in the audience, I’m sure she’s also not surprised after experience what Sweden is now do for 120+ minutes…

    and before I could finish this comment, goal #3 for papan.

  4. thả diều says:

    Jessica Landström is coming in, more attack up front for Sweden…

    • Anik LaChev says:

      didn’t help, but was nice to look at. 😉

      Ah, but it should be a killer of a finale, the technically impeccable Nadeshiko against the spirit and the strength of the US team! Perhaps height difference will come into play at last, something Sweden couldn’t make any use of last night. The Japanese simply played very, very well once more. Looking forward to Sunday! (and as for the Germans, I think they’re in the middle of a generational change and don’t play as well as they did four years ago. Though even at their best, this Japan would be a tough opponent)

  5. I wonder what prompted the ‘Say no to racism’ banner… Any incidents during the cup? I’ve never seen anything like it. I wish male footballers did more of that stuff directed at their fans.

    • thả diều says:

      hey DtO, FIFA has been doing this for 13 years apparently. It’s on display during both men and women’s world cup. Last year it took place during the quarter-final matches as well. let me see if i can find a link to that picture on FIFA: here is one picture, and a youtube video.

    • I had no idea… But I still wonder what originally prompted these. Actually, I think I know the answer to my own question: it must be directed to the fans, who else.

      • thả diều says:

        ya, to the fans for sure, but also to the players. There’s an interview of Steffi Jones (former player for Germany, now organizer of world cup 2011) just a couple of days ago where she talked about her first experience of racism (or discrimination in general) was with fans. There had been a lot of talks recently about whether a gay player should come out or stay in the closet and how much it would affect his/her career (here’s 1 article which i’ve linked before). most of the time, the arguments against coming out were along the line of avoiding hostility from fans.

  6. Wow, that interview with Steffi Jones… And though most soccer teams are usually mixed races and nationalities, the fans are often dodgy, and in every country. But apparently some are worse than others.

    But with lesbophobia, it’s interesting. It may be that the women will break that particular door in professional sports way before men, probably because gay men cause greater anxieties to straight men than (their idea of) lesbians do. NHL here, for example, doesn’t have a single player out. There’s a culture of machoism and homophobia, big time.

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