usa vs france

usa is in the final after a 3-1 victory over france. The game is a lot closer than the score suggested. France controlled well the middle of the field for a large part of the game, as I have fully expected them to (they pass very well, similar to how I saw them during the match with Germany in the first round). Team France had so many good opportunities, however, the finishing touches were not there. Finally Bompastor of France scored an equalizer on a very long cross in. The Euro-sport commentator said she was surprised that Hope Solo (usa goalie) misjudged it. I (a novice at this) thought her positioning was to cover for the possible header from the flying-in Gaetane Thiney. As it turned out, both Thiney and her defender and the goalie missed the ball and it took a curl into the far side of the net, 1-1 game.

Immediately after the equalizer, team France was threatening for more and usa was getting sluggish, losing the ball every single time both in the middle and at the defensive side of their field. An almost never seen before mistake from Hope Solo giving the ball directly to a charging Le Sommer in the penalty area. However, as it has been throughout the match with the finishing touch, Le Sommer lobbed the ball out of bound instead of either taking a shot or passing to her teammate.

Very soon after, coach Pia Sundhage (she’s swedish, but coaching usa) made 2 very key sub which completely stabilized the mid part of team USA. Team French countered with an all-out attack mindset, replacing team captain with one of the fastest runners in the women football game. The sub paid off immediately for team USA as they began winning back passes in the middle of the field and launching attack. Not taking anything away from team usa 2nd goal, but French goalie is quite shaky in my opinion. She mis-judged the ball and was falling backward when Wambach headed the ball in. The fact that Wambach was allowed to run a good 10 m freely and heading in the goal without challenge also reflects the shaky french defense in free / corner kicks, similar to how they conceded headers in their lost to Germany earlier in the tournament. After usa 2nd goal, France has no choice but pushed fully forward, and as a consequence lost the 3rd goal to counter-attack. By then, team France was visibly tired and usa closed out the match.

A very good game. France dominated for 65-70 minutes. Their lack of good forwards who could finish the chances truly hurt them. Team usa scored quickly, then survived the middle part of the match, and took full advantages of their chances to round out the score.


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