france vs sweden

current score 1-1 . this match is now getting very exciting. Öqvist JUST missed (hitting the post), followed by Thomis…
just before that Marie Hammarström is coming in, i wonder if she is related to Kristina Hammarström
yikes, a red card to Öqvist 😦 , not good, no like!!
now i’m waiting to see Jessica Landström hopefully being the 3rd replacement…

Sweden is 3rd in the world cup with a 2-1 win over France. In the previous match, the key midfield for Sweden (also team captain Seger) was injured, and her replacement Fischer was suspended. That could partially explained why they were thoroughly dominated in the midfield by team Japan. In addition, Lotta Schelin had a flu and they hypothesized that that’s why she couldn’t run or do much… It’s hard to say because the Japanese defense was also much tighter than that of the French team. However, in this match she was running up and down very actively creating chances for both herself and teammates. She’s again player of the match.

For the French, they weren’t as dominated in the midfield as in the past, partly because Sweden is good passing in the middle. Almost all of their shots (including the goal) are again from outside the 16.5m penalty area, similar to in their previous matches. That red card, hmm. I guess Öqvist should not have retaliated… Bompastor spent the rest of the match hearing very loud BOO from the crowd for initiating that kicking incident… But in the end, team Sweden created more threats and is the deserved winner in my opinion.

Having not seen Jessica Landström playing at all (except for a very short period during the semifinal match where she made couldn’t make any difference), I can’t really say much.  I know she played the first 2 matches in the first round which i didn’t see.  Then for the sweden-usa game, Öqvist started, and i can see why Öqvist should be a starter.  She compliments Schelin very well with her speed and she covers from midfield to the goal line, whereas Schelin plays very high up.  My guess is that it’s for this reason that team Sweden went with the combo Öqvist-Schelin…

Team France played a very nice tournament.  They need a better goal keeper (actually i like that substitute better than the primary keeper; at least she didn’t have a look on her face like shit the ball is flying in, what should i do…) and better finishers up front.  Young and super speedy Thomis could develop into a great player up front for France as she improves.

On a side note, i dislike ESPN commentators because all they talk about is usa usa usa. at the break, instead of discussing the match at hand, we get to see again and again and again AND again the various wambach’s headers as usa is now team destiny blah blah blah. that whole 15 min intermission, only 1 sentence about the current match: “team sweden deserves the lead”. then onto commercials and more replay of Wambach’s goal… argh! And that particularly woman commentator who continuously mentioned how many men are on the field. Even her male counterpart showed more awareness than her, “here we are, 10 players against 11 players, and Sweden is pushing…” . Why am i bothered by this woman’s comment? Let’s put it in perspective, if a male commentator made a comment in a male football match that there are 10 women on the field, he’d get bombarded with criticisms, possibly accusation that he’s degrading the players calling them “girls”, challenging their manhood, blah blah blah (especially here in the US where men are macho). So why is it that it seemed “ok” for this woman to say the opposite, clearly referring to women as men? It’s clear we have a strange double standard where as long as it sounds “normal”, “she knows what she’s talking about”, “it’s just the usual way we refer to things”, then it’s fine? grrr, bothers me!! and while i’m at it, also bothering me are those damn thing they put blocking the screen in the upper left corner advertising up-coming baseball games during the futbol match ack!! (I was trying to find an alternative link to watch the match but was unsuccessful…)


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6 Responses to france vs sweden

  1. thả diều says:

    this espn women commentator is getting a bit confused for sure, “they’re playing 1 man down”. she’s been saying that this whole tournament, clearly not comfortable with the concept that these are women…

  2. thả diều says:

    wow, did everyone see that rocket from Hammarström ?? Sweden 2 France 1

  3. I just watched a re-run from early in the second half, with a British commentator during and the Canadian comment after (a group of three that actually included a woman commentator! Long hair, dress, a woman, I am not kidding! And she didn’t call the players “men”!)

    The red card was deserved. What a nasty and unnecessary kick! And the mob singling out Bompastor because of that *consistently* whenever she had the ball until the end was awful. (Lynch mob!) But that second goal by Sweden was fantastic, and victory well deserved.

    I kinda preferred the French team just based on how they looked (I know, I am superficial, and rarely watch football, so any excuse to watch is good) — mixed ethnicities, and it seemed even ages, whereas the Swedes all looked the same. But they didn’t all play the same, so good for them.

    Another thing that irritates: whenever I see Swedish team gear colours, I think of Ikea. Damn the corporation for appropriating national flag colours! *%#%&R*#%) It’s like Ikea now has a brand monopoly on yellow and blue.

    You should contact ESPN and tell them to drop the “American manifest destiny” bulls**t and stop calling women “men”. Seriously. They won’t do anything about anything unless they get complaints.

    • thả diều says:

      i know, i saw one match on euro-sport, and there they don’t call women “men” either. Just this one commentator from ESPN, some former player from usa team. always this crap about psychological stuff, about herself and how she used to play, and always “10 men on the field”, “1 man down”, blah blah. it’s like she’s lived so long in this men-dominated world and not even was/is aware how strange, even inappropriate, her comments are to younger girls who are watching the game.
      Anyhow, the booing was because she faked her injury on purpose to make sure the ref gave Öqvist a red card, knowing full well a red card gave the other team clear disadvantage. It’s not like basketball where 1 player got kicked off means you can replace him/her with another. And she (Bompastor) initiated the contact by tripping Öqvist to the ground after the two of them fighting in the air for the ball. Öqvist might have been very physical on her way landing on Bompastor, but the trip was intentional. Öqvist gave a kick back, not anywhere near where Bompastor grabbed her hip rolling around in faked pain… By the rule, Öqvist deserved a red card, she even knew it. But, i don’t like these faked injuries and subsequent red cards too much. it degrades the game. In the last world cup, a brazilian player also faked falling down causing a usa player to get kicked off as well, really no like. That was in china so i think the spectators were a lot more polite.
      Anywho, one of the nicest things about the women’s games so far has been the lack of these fakes, so i hope it’s not heading in that diving direction…. (speaking of diving, Abby Wambach does it quite often (even the euro-sport commentator mentioned it in the last game…) which is why i haven’t cheered for her a lot…

      team sweden and ikea? good thing i have never been to ikea, so i really haven’t a clue 🙂 . I like both teams of course, Sweden for their technical skill in the middle and especially up front, and France for the beautiful passing…. the only reason i haven’t a picture of team france YET in this post is because no pix were uploaded yet from fifa’s webpage… so let me go look…

  4. Yes: Reason Number 4 I don’t watch football games: fake agonies on the field. They all do it, it’s part of the game, and it’s boring. Good to hear there are fewer in women’s competition, though I’m not sure for how long that’ll be the ase. What I noticed in this game was way too may balls sent out on purpose (to slow to the game down, to regroup, to take a break from running? I can only guess).

    I like the thing that the screen does to show who was on side and who was off. Nifty gizmo.

    • thả diều says:

      oh DtO, i never reply to your comment about kicking out of bound. There are several reasons i think. One is that players generally play out on the wings as it has several advantages including the ability to run the ball down the sides into the opponent’s half when there’s room (leaking). If they make a mistake, at least it’s not right in the middle of the field where the other side can take the ball directly to your goal. That being said, the side line is very narrow. So if they’re not skillful/accurate enough with their passes or ball control, it would naturally go out of bound unintentionally.

      For defensive players, it depends on how confident they are that they can control the ball after taking it away from the attacker. The safest way is to kick it out to let your teammates and yourself get back on defense while the other side has to throw in. It’s also your way of showing respect for the other team’s players. For example, if Lotta Schelin is running down the side with the ball, given that she’s extremely gifted with ball control and has great speed, a defender would be much much better off clearing the ball into the stand than (a) try to steal it back, (b) clear it into the middle of the field, or (c) intercept it while trying to pass to a teammate somewhere. they could also clear it up field but it’s much harder because of momentum.

      So ja, lots of ball out of bound, but not for resting purpose. mostly for regrouping on defense or by accident.

      The only time team uses this strategy to run out the clock is when the other team is attacking relentlessly as the clock is expiring. In that case, if i were defending, you can bet 100% of the time i’d clear it into 2nd-level seats :-), as was the case during the last 2 min of Japan – Germany game.

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