japan vs usa

underway, the 2011 fifa’s women’s world cup , let’s have a clean and exciting game. usa attacking quickly…


i back after a full day… still couldn’t figure out exactly _how_ Homare Sawa scored that equalizer in the 117th minute since all the video footage was taken from cameras on the wrong side of the field… but here it is from a reverse angle, a bit blurry, still no idea how she managed it, amazing…


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21 Responses to japan vs usa

  1. Smorg says:

    Man, they’re kicking it out of bound a lot… 😀

  2. Smorg says:

    Oh, nice save by the Japanese goalie!

  3. thả diều says:

    wow, what a beautiful beautiful game!! all out attack and defense alternating, and a very clean match, both teams play very honest and running extremely hard. so many missed chances for team usa, but also a very close (incorrect) off-side call taking away a japanese chance. usa goal absolute beautiful strike. equally impressive is the flick on japanese goal.

    over time we go. wonderful wonderful women’s football

  4. Smorg says:

    I’m liking the way they aren’t off to break the other team’s legs indeed. 😉 And that’s a cool referee they’ve got, too. Never seen so much smiling between players and referee before.

  5. I’m watching Ann Hallenberg Farinelli concert online, so I’ll trust your reporting.

    • Smorg says:

      Hey, is that live or pre-recorded, DtO?

    • They should have it on Arte for a few days at least. I’ll check tomorrow, I want to see the part that I missed.

      What an exciting match, though! Great play by Japan. I liked the US coach, who, I think somebody said, is Swedish. And so many gorgeous women all around in these matches.

  6. Smorg says:

    Whoa! Japan just tied it up again! What a good match this is.

  7. thả diều says:

    how sad that it will be determined by penalty…. but what a match, what a match

  8. Smorg says:

    Tied game. Man, thought USA would score with that penalty kick just outside the box. Guess we’re doing a shoot out now, ay?

  9. Smorg says:

    Holy crap… 2 misses in a row for USA!

  10. Smorg says:

    It’s Japan! Banzai!!

  11. thả diều says:

    wow, how about that!! Japan the world champion!!

  12. thả diều says:

    euro sport is showing presentation of award to Homare Sawa, and congratulations to the referee first

    meanwhile, espn cut the whole thing, interview Wambach during Sawa’s presentation, and cut to commercials, if you’d like to see the award ceremony, head over to here:

  13. thả diều says:

    japan has lifted the world cup. wonderful wonderful tournament. team usa played so well. It’s always so sad to see a team losing in PK. nerves played a role…

    i now off to brush teeth, eat breakfast, and recover….

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