red vs world champion

oh wow, look, “we” actually played captain Sawa + super-midfield Miyama & Co. in 2007! just saw only highlights of 1st leg in vietnam, and “we” only lost 0-4!

As you know, being communist, it’s essential (or crucial?) to have RED everything. am wondering whether “our” uniform is more red than north korea’s. And for that matter, which team gets to wear red if the 2 sides meet?? (off to youtube for hunt i go…, while procrastinating editing paper…)

in case you want to find out “our” fate in 2nd leg with the world champion and captain Sawa, check here… By the look of gloves on Sawa, i suspect “we” vietnamese all froze.

oops, spoke too soon, that was only first half of first leg, here’s 2nd half, a few more goals against red team… i should be sad really, but that uniform hurts me eyes…


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