post world cup

hah, i on europe-time zone again! just in time to catch 1.FFC Frankfurt “live”, can you believe. Here’s info from a blog i’ve been following:

Watch 1. FFC Frankfurt against Essen-Schönebeck live today at 11:15 (german time) here ( )

Watch Turbine Potsdam against Hamburger SV or VfL Wolfsburg against SC 07 Bad Neuenahr live today at 14:00 (german time) here:

That’s today, 21-Aug-2011. who’s on 1.FFC Frankfurt team you ask? why of course Kerstin Garefrekes! but also many players from the German national team, Jessica Landström (clearly that report was old as she’s not playing in US) and Sara Thunebro from the Swedish nation team, Ali Krieger from the US team, and Saki Kumagai from world champion Japanese team. I a bit sad Birgit Prinz is retired. The few games I’ve seen her playing, her passing was very nice. I always know her as a scorer but have new respect for her passing game too.

oh, and last last week, i did catch Aye Sameshima here in Boston too!

Boston Breakers: Lauren Cheney (8-US), Alex Scott (22-English), Aye Sameshima (28-Japanese)

and lastly, music to start sunday (to get into paper-editing mood and wait for garefrekes and co.):


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8 Responses to post world cup

  1. jcmwee says:

    Oh my lordy Dr T!!! This is a fantastic extra curricular activity to my formal German studies! Twinned with the Semiramide white shirt reminder, and visuals of fit young things on the field, this will be VERY helpful!!!

  2. thả diều says:

    ah, german studies! that’d come in very handy here 😉 i was scratching me head mad navigating that strange-language site! yes, them young fit things are very pleasing to the eyes.

    damn, i was too slow to get screen cap, a nice acknowledgement at the beginning, flowers to Saki Kumagai, Ali Krieger, Jessica Landstrom, and Sara Thunebro, for achieving 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the world cup. And all four players to start the match, yay.
    on the other hand, Garefrekes is NOT in the starting lineup!! what?! how can that be???

  3. Anik LaChev says:

    thank for the alert, I would have missed it otherwise!

    I just hope that audience numbers will continue to grow after the World Cup. Later, I’ll definitely choose Potsdam (next to FFC our best team) over Wolfsburg. It’s sad to see Kuhlig still out, the ligament issue she got at the WC seems to need a longer recovery phase.

  4. thả diều says:

    oh, that was thunder! they don’t play through the rain?? Actually i’m enjoying the passing game from Essen-Schönebeck more! and their 3 near-missed chances.

    i saw Kulig on the stand, she had surgery earlier this month no? and they predict 6 month recovery time or something… need to go check on this player “Percival”, she’s everywhere on the field. on the other hand, jessica is nowhere to be found! and i know she’s in the starting line up… also, it seems Krieger is not in starting lineup…

    ah Anik, if you’re watching, they’re now interiviewing Kim Kulig…

    • thả diều says:

      and a Japanese friend of mine said Kumagai said in an interview she didn’t know her penalty kick would win the world cup, she thought it was just one of the 5 kicks and was just happy to perform her duty well, until she turned around and realized they’d won!

  5. thả diều says:

    a very nice program at half time too, all in that strange language, the only thing i understand was Birgit Prinz’ “natürlich das Ende ist nicht optimal”

    meanwhile, jessica has come back with a very nice assist. Bajramaj has very nice speed but she’s running too deep down the wings sometimes…

    edit: make that 2 assists!! very nice strike by Bajramaj, super pass twice by Landstrom. that tandem is working well up front!

  6. thả diều says:

    woohoo, garefrekes in. and garefrekes nearly scccooore! not so woohoo: landstrom out! but why her? she’s doing so well passing up front!

  7. thả diều says:

    ok, looks like i need to educate myself w/ turbine potsdam‘s line up, like which national team does Anoma play for??? she’s fast, has amazing skill, very nice passes, mucho like!! (found her correctly spelled name: Añonma).

    judging by the nice passing game (and the often broken one from Frankfurt), i wonder if perhaps the german national team should adopt the whole turbine team…, though they won’t have Añonma…

    Strangely, i am not a fan of nagasato’s game. she benefits a lot from the superb passing from the turbine players. with lots of space and room, she scores often. for the national team, she contributed little during the world cup in very tight space with quicker defenders…

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