no news is good news

damage from tropical storm irene, Cambridge, MA

there you have it.  that’s as much damage as I’ve seen on my walk to the office.  wasn’t going to venture outside today, but hunger sent me off.  good news is the streets absolutely fantastically empty.  ever get that feeling where you have the quiet space to yourself? or in my case, a full central square:

the wind is quite nice too, not the strongest i’ve experienced for sure, got sent off my track only once.  and the best best part of it all: it’s sooooo warm!!    fantastically warm and humid. arrived here at the office profusely sweaty just because i stupidly put on a pair of jeans (and jacket and rain pants and hiking boots) instead of shorts (damn AC always on me mind)

empty campus with tree branches on the ground

so, just another photo of the river view to wrap this up, with “waves”

charles river, 13h20, 28-Aug-2011


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2 Responses to no news is good news

  1. Smorg says:

    Hey, good to see it turned out well there! 🙂 What opera tune was playing in your head walking around in that warm and moist quietness?

  2. Eyesometric says:

    I scoured YT for a good version of Goodnight Irene to send you, but they were all terrible.
    Perhaps that was Richard Clayderman playing in your head? 🙂

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