blu-ray or no blu-ray?

guess i have to go look at what a blu-ray player look like…

may be i can get a DVD and a blu-ray, DVD for now, blu-ray for future.

on a side note, i reallly really hope they use the radio recording for sound, because in case you didn’t notice, the sound is much more crisp on the radio than the video recording (as Eyes can confirm since we can all now establish my ears are shot).  and radio rec doesn’t have that annoying clap 1/2 way through Ah mio cor!  What it has instead is the curtain shutting down “BANG”, forever separating me from Alcina as i remained floored for months…

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writing-challenged opera-addict

2 Responses to blu-ray or no blu-ray?

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Eyes can confirm that your ears are definitely NOT shot! Anyone who can make fine distinctions between two very similar performances has 20/20 hearing and aural perception.

    • Smorg says:

      I’ll second this and add that it’s hard to hear anything when the the computer screen is populated by gorgeous white shirt ladies. At such time there are just too many things opened with us (eyes, ears, mouth, etc) to properly hear anything! 😉

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