broadcast alert – kasarova

the joy of paper editing

link via smorgy:
What: Berlioz’ La damnation de Faust
When: today, sunday 04-Sep-2011, 20 hr (CET i believe…)

naturally i’d love to catch this. It remains one of the few operas I’m on a mission to catch live one day… esp. when it was the first complete opera i listened to and fell in love with. Anyhow, as it turns out, paper editing is getting there, 95% done i’d say. only that last 5% has been quite head-scratching, such that my bed time is… now… which means alarm is set, the capturing device is tested, and i might just wake up barely to turn everything on before passing out again…

so i did manage to miss everything.  if anyone manage to capture it, please please let me know :-). would really love to listen…


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15 Responses to broadcast alert – kasarova

  1. Smorg says:

    Oh good, tuning in to hear Faust. Guess I still have time to goof off a bit before Marguerite shows up. 😀

  2. Eyesometric says:

    I’m here too but the iPod doesn’t allow me to listen and write at the same time!

  3. Smorg says:

    Autrefois un roi de Thulé….

  4. Smorg says:

    Wow, they cut straight to the lament with no break. Cool. Her voice’s sounding amazing… she’s using her Helene voice.

  5. Smorg says:

    Gotta run off now. Like the concert much. 🙂 Frau K sounds remarkably young. Some trouble up high, though she proves quite quick on her feet. Some really nice saves there. I can’t believe she still has that Helene voice 14 years later! Have a great weekend, lasses. 🙂

  6. thả diều says:

    hic, missed the whole thing, alarm failed to make a sound! argh!!

  7. Eyesometric says:

    I enjoyed it too – excellent orchestra and chorus but my connection was a bit dodgey so didn’t catch everything. I actually like the way you can hear Frau K breathe in. It sort of adds to the immediacy (spelling?)
    Hang on Smorgy- I thought the weekend was over! or do you guys get extra?
    Hope you managed to capture, Dr. T. (notice the importance of punctuation in that last sentence 😉 )

    • thả diều says:

      no, i missed everything 😦 😦 😦 woahh, and i really wanted to at least capture it 😦
      glad to hear she sang well

    • Smorg says:

      I like that (hearing her breathing), too, Eyes. She does it enough to sound very live, but not enough to put off. 😀 We are having our Labor Day weekend now (Monday is an official holiday), so we can stay up late tonight. Yahoo!

      Hey An! Sorry you missed it. A very good performance, I think. I like the tenor, too, and the pace was nice and quick. I had a zoo date in the early afternoon, though, so didn’t stick around to the end. Hopefully they’ll rebroadcast this again. 🙂 Hope you’re having fun with the paper, too!

  8. Eyesometric says:

    Oh no. Did you finish the paper, though?

    • thả diều says:

      ah, hi Eyes, no, am now up to edit paper again. we have a holiday tomorrow. i’m still pissed this (&#$# phone and its failed alarm. problem w/ fancy electronics these days is they fail to function on the most basic level like making a good connection/call/alarm, grrrr
      meanwhile, in search for re-broadcast of marguerite, just *found* a live recording w/ frau K’s angelina, this one i believe :-).

  9. Eyesometric says:

    Woke up thirsty so took cup of Earl Grey and iPod back to bed – zzzzzzzz !

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