photo for the (rainy) day

showed up in office to this nice image (courtesy of smorgy). not sure if i love the glasses more or loove the fact that she speaks so lovely fluent russian! (not that i can understand… between her russian/bulgarian/italian/german/french and my vietnamese/english/puny-french, you’d hope we manage eventually when i get around to shake hands with her one of these days ;-). the last 2 handshakes apparently took place in english…) click on image for link to her lovely conversation and rehearsal on YT, all thanks to Deoniz.


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8 Responses to photo for the (rainy) day

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Lovely photo and lovely video indeed! Excellent lesson in the use of the diaphragm and the glasses are positively cute. Who cares if it’s raining 😉 we can all go to Russian classes now!

    • Smorg says:

      we can all go to Russian classes now!

      Are we tagging that along with our German class as double-feature? ;D I definitely need help with that language. Tried to learn it to read Bulgakov’s Master i Margarita in original language (it’s my all time favorite novel), but its many complications defeated me. :p

      Thanks a bunch to Deoniz for sharing the footage indeed. It sure is making this nasty heatwave a lot more tolerable for me. 😀

      Hey, I bet she can even talk to you in English, An. 🙂 She did an interview in English with BBC3 a few years back. Too bad the sound clip isn’t on their site anymore.

      • thả diều says:

        ah, english! i want to hear that!!! Eyes, could you contact your people about this clip? 😉
        glasses are wayy cute, i should go change mine now…
        i was debating indeed between russian and german! only thing i understood was spasíba!
        it’s great to see her interacting w/ others, soo soft, normal, even humble, until the singing starts, then i’d be intimidated 😀
        with this drizzling and cold rain here, how i wish to be in that niiice warm cozy rehearsal room…

  2. Eyesometric says:

    That’s a point – exactly what is the weather doing in Moscow right now? I feel a fantasy trip coming on for we 3. I will bring my Leajet Gulfsream IV tomorrow so who should I pick up first- East coast or West coast? and what order would you like to make with Chef for the journey?

  3. Smorg says:

    West Coast! West Coast! I have a date with 2 very cute Mormon girls tomorrow, but I would stand up even Richard Feynman himself for an escape on a lear jet to see one VK in action. 😀 We can drop by in LA on the way and pick up a steaming bowl of Pho for Dr. T to make up for the wait time. 😉

  4. Eyesometric says:

    What do you think, Dr. T? Shall we deprive Smorg of her double date? or pick her up on the way West. Depends how much paperwork you have I guess.

    • thả diều says:

      wrestling with conclusion now! then abstract! then fix response_to_reviewers’_comments! print out and read whole thing to fix inconsistencies! then i ready for jet! 🙂

      speaking of jet, i’ve been wrestling with 1 for the last 7 days! very interesting one in fact…

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