farnace for tuesday

well, after listening to the recent farnace version by Frau Kasarova in Moscow this past weekend, i’m really curious why she doesn’t sing mozart more often. Info about the recording can be found from this nice review by Smorgy (what would we do without her…), i didn’t even know she has a complete LIVE recording of the opera. anyhow, here’s music for Tues. incredible music all around, superb sound quality.

(although Or’s voice is oscillating a little too much for my taste here…)


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4 Responses to farnace for tuesday

  1. Smorg says:

    Hey, now that’s another CD set I haven’t listened in a while. 😀 Thanks for linking to my Eps review of it, matie. I’ve got to get with the program and finish up the reviews still left in draft on that site…. one of these days.

    On the second video from the M22 DVD of the opera… That’s one regie production I really found very hard to swallow when it first came out. I should probably try it again now, a few years later (and the images of people being beheaded on camera by the deranged terrorists aren’t so fresh anymore).

    Hope the week is going well your way! 😀

    • thả diều says:

      hey Smorgy, love the recording. i can’t believe i didn’t know its existence before 😀
      ah, that video, i was just searching for the duet. the one from the recording is realllly nice. same w/ the one between Arleen Auger and Gruberova. Just thought i put up a clip with some acting… that sounds a bit rough (beheading and such)! but aside from that, i don’t recall hearing such oscillation in Pearsson’s voice when i heard her as the countess ( i think, she might have been susanna) in LA’s marriage of figaro. here, i’d say it’s to the point of distraction for me. really lovely music though 🙂

      ps- i know why, coz it’s not Pearsson’s voice oscillating in video above, it’s Or’s.

  2. Purity McCall says:

    With you there – I SO wish she did more Mozart, she relays seems to ‘belong’ there. PS You seen you have the absolutely amazing Dame Emma Kirkby heading your way in October? She has such gorgeous voice for early/Baroque music… And Andreas Scholl a couple of days later!! http://www.bemf.org/pages/concerts/bostonconcerts.htm I am seething with envy, that is some festival!

    • thả diều says:

      Purity, i saw those! wanted to put Emma Kirkby on my schedule but not even sure if I’ll manage: it’s 1 day before I off to meeting, and you know days before flying off = frantic preparing… She’s also giving a FREE masterclass at the NEC the next morning! Sadly i won’t get to hear him (Scholl, i really like his voice. off to meeting already, arghhhh). ALL music concerts take place on THAT week for some reason, argh. Am rushing back to catch Pergolesi before off again for another meeting following week as well… then rush back again for Jaroussky 🙂

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