sarah chang plays mendelssohn

live broadcast in 3min <– radio link
who: Sarah Chang and Pacific Symphony
what: Mendelssohn's violin concerto. full program here
when: now, Sat 24-Sep-2011, 8PM PST, 11PM EST (i just found out…)

Wow, that was beautiful. Now is an interview with Sarah Chang on her bows. She’s using a lighter bow for Mendelssohn because it requires a lot of “bouncing” (staccato…). hahaha, the interviewer was asking about her marriage life, except she’s not married! “oh? where did you hear that I’m married?? “, “on the internet!”, “oh? who am i married to?”… Oh, she’s coming next to Boston Symphony!

For those who might not know the piece, here’s a recording, also with Sarah Chang, youtube:


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5 Responses to sarah chang plays mendelssohn

  1. thả diều says:

    i’m really puzzled. does orchestra in other countries play their respective national anthem before a concert as well?

  2. Eyesometric says:

    I was too late for this one but have LOVED watching this video! Magical performance all round. Now *that* is a conductor – so subtle, unobtrusive, gentle movements, accompanies her, watches her, rapport with her – the list goes on.
    I guess you will be buying tickets for her concert in Boston?

    I’m not aware of it being the norm to play the national anthem at concerts but then I have not been to many in different countries. Many moons ago they used to play the British anthem at the end of cinema performances but times have changed.

    • thả diều says:

      ah Eyes, yes i enjoyed gggggreatly the constant exchange of glances, nods, and smiles between her and the conductor too! so wonderful to see. did you make it to the end (of 3rd movment) where we learned from the announcer that she made her NY philharmonic debut at the age of eight?!

      there are quite a few very good singers and musicians coming in to Boston. I’ll have to sort out since tickets are not always cheap. However, with the help of, i could knock off 50% of the (still quite expensive) tix price! In addition to her (Sarah Chang), we also have Anne-Sophie Mutter, Carolyn Sampson, this entire line up on top of the boston early music festival which Purity already pointed out. and then there’s the long “boston” list on the side bar 🙂

      ps- i stuck on some problem with setting up a cute little pool (numerically) so haven’t had fresh ideas yet about caption 😉

  3. Eyesometric says:

    setting up a cute little pool (numerically) ????????
    I dare not start to even imagine what this must be 🙂
    Boston seems to be a fabulously musical place to be – I will follow your concert visits with interest and envy!
    ps. captions not important – cute little pools are!

    • thả diều says:

      just a sneak preview, especially since it’s not working yet

      0 ….0 …0 ….0 …0 …0 ….0 …0
      0 500 500 500 500 500 500 ….0
      0 ….0 …0 ….0 …0 …0 ….0 …0

      so, 0 = land, 500 = depth of a very thin channel inside the pool. nothing is working so far, crashing *boom* after i place a cube of ice in at left side and blow it with some wind 😀 . did i mention i have plenty of time listening to hours of operas and classical music on repeat while having fun playing with such pools? (would be nicer if ice cube is flowing downstream according to plan…, am debating about opening up both left and right side so cube can go out right and loop around to left,
      sort of like this;
      0 ….0 ….0 ….0 ….0 ….0 ….0 ….0
      500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500
      0 ….0 ….0 ….0 ….0 ….0 ….0 ….0
      but don’t know how to do it yet 😀 . time to zz though. ’til tomorrow! have a lovely sunday.

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