played my first “competitive” game 🙂 🙂
we lost though, 2-4, with opponents scoring 3 goals in a span of 5 min near end of 2nd half…
and yes, we actually played on a “near” full size field, just 20min each half though, and yours truly only had to run out gasping for air once. so, keeping tap of first:
* game
* full size field
* night game (to full moon!!)
* on astroturf (too bad it’s not grass!)
* got knocked over with an elbow, head still ringing
* blocked ball with butt, hey that’s what you do when you can’t use hands and don’t know how to stop the ball with your ab/chest!
* finished 1 dribble without losing the ball
* got spatially disoriented toward end of game, wasn’t sure which way i was facing (in the big picture. small picture-ly, i was fine, staying in front of the guy in yellow shirt)

so, you know i never learned to play the game properly, no technique. a long long time ago in a far away country, all boys in school wanted me to join the team. back then, i could beat 2/3 of them running, not any more. anyhow, parents said fußball was not for girls so there you have it. some 20+ years later in another country around the world, finally kicked the ball around for the first time. great great great fun!!! (as it should be). so, still no skill, but a lot of it is running. now just need to get more in shape, and hire a coach :-p to learn a little more. most of credit has to go to advisor (now colleague) in LA for getting me out almost every weekend for almost a whole year to play.

onto some random thought. took me a while to figure out why i play better on left side instead of right, eventhough am right-footed. for a beginner fumbling around with a rolling ball, it seems we (or me?) are better at dribbling the ball with right foot away from the the goal, then run forward. since it’s the strong foot, one is less likely to lose the ball and give the opponent a direct line to your goal! another thing is the ability to run backward: with your strong foot on the inside (to the right), people are less likely to run past on the inside. so they sprint on the outside. then using right foot as starting engine also helps your sprint back *somewhat* to catch them. one guy sprinted past me and made a pass which resulted in last goal though, so not much statistics for this theory yet… at one point i got tossed into the “midfield”, now that’s damn confusing!! stood there and watched opponent scored first goal, no good! heard we might have a “practice” session coming up :-). this might be more up my alley than rumba i suspect.

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  1. jcmwee says:

    “blocked ball with butt, hey that’s what you do when you can’t use hands and don’t know how to stop the ball with your ab/chest!”

    Begs the question as a non fußball player, how does a player of the female persuasion stop the balll with your ab/chest???? It’s gotta hurt somewhat right???

  2. idlehouse says:

    keeping “tab”

    • thả diều says:

      tap tap tap!

      @jcmwee: i have no idea, may be they wear extra protection ;-). i guess if you play since little, may be u have a little bit more muscles at the *right* place to block the ball. i was very sure not to even attempt 😀

  3. thả diều says:

    got a ball _and_ a personal trainer 😀 (friend from work). learned today how to kick with the outside of the foot, dribble right and left (while tripping over self most of the times), 1-touch pass and run. next game demain, and next training session will include how to stop ball with chest! *love*.

  4. ^Flo says:

    “this might be more up my alley than rumba i suspect.”

    But you did look pretty damn cute doing the cha cha 😉

    • thả diều says:

      oh? did you see me doing chachacha somewhere already? 😉
      well, for sure i never got elbows to the head in chachacha (yet). got another one yesterday that now left a lump next to my ear, these young kids are just too vicious i’d say

      • Flo says:

        No elbows to the head in Latin dancing? Didn’t I elbow you in the nose once while going into the fan in rumba, because you were looking down at your feet — or was that just a really, really close call? 🙂
        I hope your ear gets better soon. Maybe streaming yet more opera into it will help…?

        = ]


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