wandering thoughts @ NEC

from seats D8-10

this post will be more about pictures and the NEC Jordan Hall and what I dreamt of last night while being there… than about the concert itself am afraid.  musically-uneducated me will now reveal arrangements which I don’t get (yet): Bach+strings, Vivaldi+strings, baroque composers+strings, quartets…, anything with just strings (my brain needs a bit more contrast am afraid)…  and the whole program was that plus Pergolesi’s Salve Regina and Stabat Mater.  Technically i bought tix to both concerts to hear Stabat Mater and the baroque orchestra (can’t remember if i’ve ever seen woodwinds within the Handel & Haydn Society, it was all strings yesterday plus 2 harpsichords.)  Anyhow, was so much looking forward to Stabat Mater that I forgot Aisslinn Nosky was there! The purpose of the pix (clik on it for better view) is to show what the view from the balcony side seats look like at Jordan Hall in the New England Conservatory: perfect view of the orchestra, orchestral sound very nice and clear.  The two chairs upfront were where the soloists stood.  If you have singers with good voice projection (such as soprano Liesbeth Devos), there shouldn’t be any issue.  I’m not a big fan of the mezzo, we (colleague and I) both agreed she had too much vibrato, perhaps to compensate for the fact that her voice is not as big as the soprano’s and didn’t make it to our seats without loud (with vibration) singing…  anyhow, now that I heard the orchestra very well from the side seats, for this particular piece (Stabat Mater) I think it’s a better idea to sit in front of the singers.  I always choose the side seats to get close enough to the orchestra, but for this piece they are more accompanying rather than dueting with the singers.  The 2 voices didn’t really complement each other as I had hoped. On the other hand, sitting directly facing Aisslinn Nosky allowed me to see her smiling and bending over between the 2 singers to listen to them as she accompanied them, lovely.

from seats D8-10 on right balcony of Jordan Hall @ NEC

So, while sitting there, i have this *brilliant* idea: why don’t we invite Vesselina Kasarova to this hall for a Handel recital with the H&H society!  How much money do i need to donate to bring her here? several tens of thousands $$$? sure i’ll start buying lottery tickets now.  You bet I’d pay $100 to sit in orchestra section for SEVERAL performances (however long she stays!), though this $20 seat here was not bad AT ALL!! (on a side note, a white-shirt friend just shook hand and got her pix taken with Vivica Genaux in San Francisco last night and she’s day dreaming-ly texting me non-stop the whole day…)  Come to think of it, they can surely invite her here within that celebrity series.  This season, Andreas Scholl, Philip Jarrousky, Angelika Kirchschlager, Thomas Quasthoff, Michael Schade, Emma Kirby, Sandrine Piau, even Max Raabe (surely i’ll get tix for), are invited.. why not Frau K?


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6 Responses to wandering thoughts @ NEC

  1. Eyesometric says:

    You *forgot* about Aisslinn Nosky????

    If Frau K makes it to Boston then she may have to stop off in UK so I will start the campaign over here!

    PS. Please can I have that Palast Orchester next time I do “Cabaret” ? 🙂

  2. That is one heck of a good $20 seat.

    Interesting that H&H nave nothing but strings… Hmmm, like you, I don’t know if that’s an extremely good idea.

    Max Raabe orchestra is coming over here too, but I’m more tempted to go see Meow Meow, although she’s a rare cabaret performer with a 100% straight spiel. All the same. I will like seeing her mauling and undressing the unsuspecting men in the audience of the snobby Koerner Hall.

    An earlier case of MM:

  3. Smorg says:

    Maybe it’ll be easier to entice Frau K here in a couple of years (once her son goes off to college)… I think the biggest reason she doesn’t come to the USA much is because she doesn’t like to be so far away from her family. 🙂 Good thing you’re going to all these concerts, Dr. T. I haven’t been to one in too long. This has been a distracting year!

    • Eyesometric says:

      Didn’t I just hear a whisper … ” Octavian. Met. 2013 ” ? 🙂

      • thả diều says:

        Eyes, I heard this rumor since summer!! so it’s indeed re-confirming! You sure you don’t want to cross the Atlantic for this treat? I’ll be *camping* at friends’ haus the _entire_ time! whoohooo . (ps- friends have guest room, surely we can arrange air-mattress to host many more whiteshirts… but let me ask them first 😉 )
        DtO, you want to visit NY too? waw am excited!!

        ps2- oooh, time to campaign for scholarships in NY / New England area for her son’s college… 😀

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