photo for the day

do clik on the pix to get bigger version, absolutely beautiful leaf color. here‘s the view earlier. happy autumn

and beethoven to accompany.


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5 Responses to photo for the day

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Fabulous photograhy, Dr T. Would make lovely screen savers. Our autumn is rapidly descending into winter with not many leaves left on the trees and it gets so dark so early in the evening now.
    Interesting music also – I have not seen Garanca singing choral music before.

    • thả diều says:

      thanks Eyes, lovely leaf color here, somehow it came out too dark in photo. we just changed our clock 2 days ago, now it’s totally dark at 5pm, completely unacceptable!! who cares about saving daylight at 7am anyway!!! 🙂 Ah, so you lose the leaves sooner than us. It’s amazingly warm and beautiful now, i was walking outside with just t-shirt today!

      ah, i was gonna type up musical weekend, not sure when have time yet.. but i heard this piece first time ever just last friday, amazing moment, solo violin + duet first between mezzo + bass, then extended violin + all sorts of voices alternating. have you heard it before? I think i’ve heard Garanca in some other choral work as well, like her voice here a lot. actually all soloists are amazing in this YT video too.

  2. yvette says:

    This photo has qualities,hues of a painting. Peaceful reflections. You are an artist!

  3. yvette says:

    Glowing sunrise from the same angle, thank you! I saw it a while later than your time, still it is nice to greet me with this Boston view. (I hope I am right ). Soon, I will post a picture for you! the last grapes! … Here the rain episode has stopped and today it was just like a mild Spring day… so I was out doors in the yard, putting a coat of paint on a table.. In less than half an hour Wagner’s Flying Dutchman ‘is starting on BBC Radio 3, I keep well informed with the great Eyes’ posts !Here’s some translation oddities for you the English and German say ‘Flying’, we, French, say ‘ghost’ (fantôme’)… I understand ‘ghost’ very well in this old tale… I love the ouverture so much! Have a nice week-end too… No competition? You are very brave!

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