frankfurt vs potsdam

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so, _that_ long paper, which i was working on during VK’s Moscow trip, came back with some good news. but it needs some more editing with very tight deadline. 13 more points to address and counting down… i now on switched schedule again and in hiding to work on paper round 3.  this of course takes up all my free time so you won’t get to hear much about my GREAT trip to Sanders Theater to hear local bass Dana Whiteside and others singing Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis… or my other niiiiice trip to Jordan Hall to hear Bach Mathäus Passion with the Boston Cecilia singers…. I did shake hands finally with Dana Whiteside and told him how much I appreciate his singing in my intro to Mahler; he seemed pleased :-).

anywho, the purpose of this post is for the game on Sunday between 1.FFC Frankfurt and 1.FFC Turbine Potsdam at 14h CET (i think, is Germany on CET ?) = 8AM EST = 5AM PST!  I haven’t talked much about Frankfurt even though I’m quite a fan of the team and have followed them quietly.  They haven’t done so well lately, partly due to a series of injuries.  The passing is nowhere near the level of Potsdam’s (I’m also quite a fan of the team given how beautiful they play).  Let’s not forget the play of Añonma, she alone is worth watching the game! (I hope they spell her name correctly now on the shirt… i even heard the German commentator calling her a-No-ma thanks to the misspelling…)

So, schedule is reversed such that I should have no problem watching the game tomorrow/today. Do swing by to chat along if you have a chance and want to see Jessica Landström, Garefrekes, and Co. vs Bianca Schmidt, Babett Peter, Genoveva Añonma and Co.

Finally, music to start the editing night.  I’m now also a fan of Andreas Scholl.  He has this very subtle way to expressing the emotions in these choral works.  Am still miffed he was here last month just when i had to be away.  For sure next time he’s here i’ll get tix to hear live.

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  1. thả diều says:

    starting…. play link is updated:

    wow, min 2: Batusiak’s nice header, hit the post!

    min 8, Potsdam 1, Frankfurt 0 . I’m not happy with Kumagai, this is not the first time she lost the person she’s guarding, this time in the penalty area…
    meanwhile, super nice break-away for Potsdam, but nothing came of it. Back to Kumagai, she played so well within the short-passing system of team Japan but looks quite lost every time I see her in Frankfurt system…

    more defense breakdown, Potsdam 2, Frankfurt 0, min 13 only! they really need to fix the defense…

    ahhh, very niiiiice pass from Baramaj to Krieger to Garefrekes, shot JUST over the top bar…

    meanwhile, ALMOST another goal by Potsdam, they’re really pressing on the right wing

    WOW, ALMOST another goal by Potsdam, SUPER nice save by Angerer…
    and ANOTHER super save!!! amazing!

    Baramaj running A LOT. she and Krieger and Garefrekes seems to be on having good understanding…

    niice opportunity for Frankfurt after Potsdam goalie got out of position, but shot hit 2 defenders… they’re playing at a fanatic pace…

    min 30 only… verrry niiiice pass from Beringer to Baramaj, shot wayy wide. that’s a niiiice pass, nicely put in in speed to just get to right in between 2 defenders…

    • thả diều says:

      nah, that’s not really a yellow card, though Angerer got highspeed boot right to the shin area from Mittag
      wow very nice shot by Garefrekes, saved by goalie
      meanwhile, that Frankfurt defense is really having trouble
      niiiiice pass in by Krieger
      poor Baramaj, seems the only one running up front for Frankfurt

      another not so accurate shot by Smisek, that commentator is clearly a frankfurt fan 😀

      man, ANOTHER lapse of defense, luckily Peter didn’t get to that header…
      halftime !

      halftime interview, looks like 2 dykes to me. Silke Rottenberg, if you ever see that amazing game USA vs Germany in 2003, you’d have seen her entire arsenal of saves, just simply amazing.

      2nd half underway, poor Anja Mittag got body-checked by Kumagai :-). sun right into Angerer’s face…

      argh, AGAIN, she lost the ball on defense, argh

      min 50.30, that’s NIICE defense by Batusiak

      phew, more nice defense by Kumagai on Añonma

      Añonma just missed a chance at close range, if it were me.. 😀

      nice chance for frankfurt fizzled due to bad passing… ha`o !! Ack, and now every player on Frankfurt team is firing from distance badly instead of passing…

      Even commentator is getting excited, Dzsenifer Marozsán is coming in!

      min 68, yikes they’re taking Thunebro out! that defense is gonna go downhill without her… and Añonma just outran Kumagai, niiice save by Angerer

      wow, fantastic chance for frankfurt min 70, niiice save by goalie. madness in front of goal, shot to the bird…

      aargh, super nice pass to Garefrekes, first touch bouncing into goalie, argh

      min 80, commentator is begging for 1 goal, nope…

      beautiful save by Angerer! min 84 already…

      coming to an end… frankfurt a bit unluckly at beginning with post, but in the end, their defense just too shaky, and passing just not accurate enough… i still like garefrekes’ game a lot, loads of running. her first touch is not always the best in ball controlling, but she’s always on the look out to pass to teammates… Baramaj tired in 2nd half…

      very good game for Potsdam, lots of chances, nice passing, nice win.

      until next game…

      • Eyesometric says:

        Reading your account of the game is almost as exciting as watching it! Not that I really appreciate football but it’s good to sense someone else’s enthusiasm. I do share your love of this Sabat Mater recording, though. I listened to many versions on YT before finally deciding to buy this one. I think the blend of voices is just stunning and I can listen for hours.

        • thả diều says:

          good “morning” Eyes :-). did I miss Der R already? lost track of time again…
          that recording of Stabat Mater is very nice, i was combing YT to get a duet between Barbara Bonney and Andreas Scholl but couldn’t find any. well, here’s Ms. Bonney’s take to start another round of editing:

          (ps- it’s strange, i really don’t know her voice…)

  2. Eyesometric says:

    No, der R is not until Thursday.
    I have loved Bonney’s voice since I saw the VHS video of her der R with Te Kanawa & Howells many moons ago. She has made quantities of recordings so it’s quite easy to get to know her voice – the duets with Kirchschlarger are particularly enchanting. ( I named one of my cats after her )

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