“young flamenco” at Berklee school of music

it helps to know people. I mean how on earth i would know about this performance if not for the spanish postdoc next door who got an email from the Spanish consulate! Quote here from the program:

“five of Spain’s top young Flamenco artists will appear in the U.S. for the first time for a concert of traditional music and Latin jazz featuring some of Berklee College of Music’s most inspiring international students.”

I admit not knowing much about this genre, but the last time i saw a flamenco dancer 1 meter away (twice!!) i was blown away with her power and immediately booked my ticket to see her again 2 days later. This was way back when i was still a student and the BSO gave us $7 tickets to sit in row #1 to hear Manuel de Falla. so, when the nice spanish postdoc asked, a “yes” came immediately without hesitation.

The night features five very talented artists: an amazing guitarist (that spanish guitar sound is just stunningly warm and beautiful), 2 singers, 1 percussionist, and… the night belongs to Belén López, the killer dancer. Already the 2 guys with me declaring their loves on the spot. Our walk back was passionately dedicated to visualizing her dancing and her ass.

First, i’d say it’s totally different seeing a passionate flamenco dancer up close than via a youtube video.  There’s absolutely no way one can feel the power and passion in such a video.  Her simple walk onto the stage alone and one senses _something_ is coming.  Has to do with her eyes in combination with the posture.  From the first tap (more like a precise stomp with authority), you’re hooked.  How can one keep such precise rhythm with those feet!! back tap, front tap, jumping tap, dancing tap.  Wow, did i mention the hip, oh la la.  am not exactly a big fan of dresses, now i know why! most people wear dresses without a purpose. just like most of us walking without aim.  with those hip movements, ALL dresses are appropriate!

But then she went back one last time and out came the red suit! YeAH!! This is when we started discussing the various things in addition to the tapping and fantastic spinning moves (spanish postdoc and I agreed she was originally a ballet dancer).  Well, i won’t dwell too much on details, but those thighs, wau. haven’t howled while clapping like this since exactly a year ago in Wien. amazing.

so, i can only encourage you to check out her schedule (and check her out 😉 ).  the posture, the rhythmic stomps and taps, the beautiful arms (movements, but arms too!), those hips and shoulders, and them thighs… am getting dizzy… must experience live, not via YT!!

(ps- that singer in video was also here tonight singing…)
(ps2- and we saw them all for $8, can you believe.)


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4 Responses to “young flamenco” at Berklee school of music

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Wonderfully descriptive Dr. T …. did I spot an edit? 😉 😉

  2. jcmwee says:

    Not quite flamenco, but from a neighbouring country and equally as soulful and heartfelt in song is fado. IMHO the leading singer of fado is Mariza. Also helps that she is immensely cute. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAgIoG3A7U4

    • yvette says:

      Here I have to say my great admiration for Mariza . She is an amazing singer and her musicians are fantasic, the Portuguese guitar goes so well with her voice. Saudade….

  3. thả diều says:

    thanks jcmwee, i thought she was speaking italian… nice voice!

    Eyes, yours are sharp 😉 😉

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