mozart for the (editing) night

got my stack of cd, here’s music to start,

Non più di fiori vaghe catene
discenda Imene ad intrecciar.
Stretta fra barbare aspre ritorte
veggo la morte ver me avanza.
Infelice, qual orrore!
Ah! di me che si dirà?
Chi vedesse il mio dolore,
pur avria di me Pietà!
To weave pretty chains of flowers
Hymen will descend no more.
Trapped among the wild, rough tangles,
I see death advancing before me.
Unhappy me! What horror!
Ah! what will they say of me?
Whoever should observe my pain
would have pity on me!

on a totally unrelated note, a friend just offered me some guavas, my favorite fruit! actually she offered 2 nights ago, but since I didnt’ have chili pepper and salt, nothing could start. not sure about other culture, but red chili pepper + salt (muối ớt) is VERY important to vietnamese; a thing we (I) cease to function without :-D. If you need instruction on how to make such thing, here’s a pretty good photo-sequence <– EXACTLY how I would do it everytime, must have fresh chili pepper. So, what’s good with muối ớt ? everything: pineapple (note how we cut), water melon, guava, orange, green mango, kiwi, strawberry… YUM, me mouth is watering…

(ps- oh, 1 exception: no banana with salt, that’s weird! 🙂 )


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5 Responses to mozart for the (editing) night

  1. jcmwee says:

    curious. I must try this. Love green mango with prawn paste – that’s a Malaysian treat!!!

    • thả diều says:

      oh? we also eat green mango with shrimp paste and chili pepper ! the salt version is considered more mild 🙂
      i’d recommend pineapple with salt + chili pepper, yumm…

  2. Charlotte says:

    I just bought that CD of Mozart arias! Really enjoying it, too – I only recently discovered Kasarova. She’s got such an interesting voice, and her performances are always so intense.

    • thả diều says:

      Greetings Charlotte, thanks for stopping by :-). i love the cd too! spent my morning at work running through your YT uploads, fantastic musics. love Dorothea Röschmann!! (I already know her, both from clemenza di tito and don giovanni, but it’s really great hearing her in succession, truly beautiful voice.

  3. Smorg says:

    Listening to VK singing Vitellia while munching on guava and salt+chilli pepper… How in the world do you manage to get anything done in that company??? 😀

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