happy thanksgiving

if you celebrate such a thing :-).  otherwise, hope you have a very pleasant rest of Thursday and weekend coming up.  i wasn’t quite prepared for it except suddenly EVERYONE was traveling and now the town is COMPLETELY deserted! being asian, i think turkey isn’t quite my thing either, so we’re gathering for some vietnamese cá đút lò (baked catfish) and bò 7 món (7-course beef) instead.  i also promise to bring along Alcina and Clemenza di Tito for the after-party ;-).

anyhow, some nice music for the sunny afternoon, from Kasarova’s recent trip to Moscow, as shown on russian TV and recorded by the nice Deoniz:

edit: hooray, more mozart (note how drastically the sound is from the pocket-camera-recorded sound back in Sept, those little recorders just simply missed loads of subtlety) :

argh!! it was removed!!! vhy?? argh argh, i really liked it!!!


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4 Responses to happy thanksgiving

  1. Eyesometric says:

    THAT MAN drives me nuts! so will have to close eyes ( and peek occasionally ) 😉

  2. thả diều says:

    something to reflect during thanksgiving…

    • Eyesometric says:

      I wrote a diatribe about Mr. S but then I read your link and it no longer seemed important so I have not posted it. That article puts things in perspective so I will just listen to the music and be thankful.

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