frankfurt vs potsdam, part II

missed the live match and am currently watching replay for the entire thing. but first a detour, had yet another dream chatting with frau K last night :-D, must be after watching that meisterklasse of hers. this time it was at one of her handel recitals (2nd time i heard her singing that aria in dream!) and we had some nice discussion again on her walk back to the subway heading for the airport! these dreams clearly reflected vhat i normally watch just before zzz, given that a month ago i had yet another chat in dream with vivica genaux about copy-rights of her documentary “a voice out of the cold” on youtube :-). Anyhow, within my group of (in)finite german-speaking friends, i’ve just found another one who promised to translate that whole meisterklasse, hooray. at least now we understand why she “looks” like she’s smiling sometimes when singing very sad phrases, i have already guessed many times it’s her ways of using the face muscles, but it’s great to finally see how she explained it during that Sesto aria, very nice! (click on image for video of masterclass)

Sarò qual più ti piace

ok, back to fussball, frankfurt finally won a match, yay! they’ve been imploding lately with that sh*tty coach of theirs throwing his players under the bus in public. they made several changes in the line up today including the most important one: taking Kumagai out of the defense line! i know she’s very young (only 20!) and needs more time to adapt probably, but with that amount of mistakes and her hesitance in the defense, the whole back line has been a complete mess. What they have out there today was VERY solid: Ali Krieger on the right (she’s running and making so many nice passes, connecting very well with Kerstin Garefrekes on that right wing); Saskia Bartusiak in the middle, a position where Kumagai has been holding with baad results in the past; and Meike Weber on the left wing: she might be a lower profile player in that squat but clearly she knows how to defend. that defense line was rock solid!

Ali Krieger, Kerstin Garefrekes, Saskia Bartusiak

upfront, Lira Bajramaj twisted her ankle and was left out of the starting line-up, replaced by Jessica Landström. I always thought Bajramaj always plays with a lot of energy, regardless of how she might or might not pass to the right person at the right time. Sometimes the passing is just not clicking, but she does work a lot with Garefrekes and Krieger up front. and sorry to say this, but Landström is really not in form. she looks so clumsy out there now, not able to make 1 single pass in the first half, not able to run, probably her timing is completely off due to not able to play for so long. I’m glad the coach left her in still. half way through the first half, Behringer had to come out, i nearly fell off the chair worrying with Kumagai coming in… but happily, she was put in the middle of the field, whew.

So, finally, am happy for Kerstin Garefrekes. She ran nonstop the entire game, got ran over several times, loads of effort, and a very nice goal! as a quiet player, i wonder if she’s frustrated by all the negative press coming from losing and by all dramas associated with high priced players being tossed in to the line-up without consideration for team chemistry. anywho, wonder how long Frankfurt can keep the momentum, but they seem much surer out there today running and fighting for the ball, go defense!

oh, all this comes without Babett Peter and Genoveva Añonma on Potsdam side…, but Frankfurt has been losing to everybody in the last month almost, so a win as result of hardwork and low drama-level players is great!

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2 Responses to frankfurt vs potsdam, part II

  1. I know what you mean about the ‘smiling’ thing – I’d noticed other singers doing the same thing you describe, and it took me a while to figure out what was going on !

    • thả diều says:

      ah, hallo again Charlotte! yes, took me a while as well, that smiling thing. I first realized it after reading endless “complaints” of Bartoli’s facial expression, and then i noticed it much more with Kasarova and Genaux. It’s always nice to hear the singers explaining in details these muscles (i was lucky to have live translation last night to appreciate it even more). i think they (singers) should have more sessions like these often so we listeners can get pass that “look” thing and pay close attention to the sound they produce :-).

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