or may be earworm(?), ah english technicality… but this tune has seriously been dancing about in my head for the last 2 full days… so have got to release it here else it’ll occupy me for the rest of the week 🙂

by the way, am a huge fan of lamenting voice mixing by huge chorus… (don’t miss that low note dolorrrr)


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writing-challenged opera-addict

3 Responses to headworm

  1. Charlotte says:

    Rossini had a real genius for earworms 🙂

    Also, re: your post about the music at the Harvard chapel. That sounds like a really nice concert. I was an undergraduate there ages ago, and I don’t think I ever once attended any music in that building. I probably missed some good stuff.

    • thả diều says:

      ah, it’s quite possible our time overlapped. i was also many moons ago a grad student in the area, though never attended a concert in that church either! i think only after the upgrade of the organ that many concerts are now held there? either that or may be one has to be on the right mailing list as they don’t advertise too widely their concerts… think i got info mostly from housemate from Harvard, and all of them free too!

  2. thả diều says:

    argh, can’t believe i woke up haunted by a tenor!! here’s the current headworm.

    and a headworm from yesterday, to my complete surprise, upon hearing my whistling, hausmate started singing the aria in German! Great childhood memory she said.

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