music to start the night

of pool fighting, not exactly related to the photo below, but interesting nonetheless now that i realized it was taken exactly 1 year ago! how time flies.

meanwhile, i have been waiting to see this one mind-blowing (in good way) movie coming online but can’t seem to find it yet, so how about a slightly different one to give you an idea of how endless fun one can have with a cube while listening to endless Händel and Rossini over nights…

and while we’re on the subject of Händel and Rossini, i shall finally go on the record: i can no longer handel counter-tenors in hours-long operas… Last night, i was rolling along with Giulio Cesare (to code debugging, so wasn’t quite paying attention) until my train of thought came to a complete halt from this (and this duet for a completely different reason). they’ve now infiltrated most operas in numbers on YT (i might have gotten the whole thing mixed up between Cesare and Ariodante…) and taken over the scene here in Boston (Boston Baroque is bringing in a CT to sing Orpheus ) . This year alone I’ve encountered a few live while avoided some others…

Here you go, display #10002, to a nice Rossini’s aria

(ps- i think this might be the same CT as in Cesare above)


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2 Responses to music to start the night

  1. Eyesometric says:

    The cube video is so amazing. I went to YT and watched the others from MIT and they are jaw-dropping. Do you think the cube would be enhanced by music?
    About the CTs – I cannot enjoy that Tancredi as it all seems such an effort for him but interesting accompaniment to the recit. Love the duet though.

    I remember well your video last year of the river in flood – time flies!

    • thả diều says:

      good “morning” Eyes, saw the sunrise today (yesterday) as well, the sun has now moved through a completely different part of town (buildings on horizon). 1/2 hr before that was the spectacular new moon (rise? set?) only things missing were the camera and clean window.

      re. cube movie, wait until you see this other movie, i was totally mesmerized. already sent email requesting that channel admin, but surely with the holidays one has more important things to do that uploading swirls on a sphere for me (and others) to stare at!

      CTs: actually i think it’s more the sound that got on my nerve somehow… i thought many female singers also seem to exert a lot of effort while singing, so i normally look away to get the impression of the voice. i stand corrected: i can’t handle some CTs, just the same way i don’t manage some sopranos, mezzos, or singers in general. Some has this pleasing texture/tone that suits one’s ears, all personal pref am sure.

      speaking of pers. pref., there are 3 distinctive mezzos who all “attack” the notes to my ears: VK, Cecilia Bartoli, and Joyce DiDonato. i wonder if it’s a matter of who one hears first and whether that first impression can be so lasting that one can’t get used to the others… but JDD’s way for example, i’ve never managed to get used to (listening). I think to watch her at the same time, you see the personality coming across more and it makes sense the attack (saw her as Rosina in LA). As for Bartoli, i think again i’d have to see her live coz am still not managing her “attack” :-)… weird.

      — Edit —
      interesting, that last Rossini aria above, i only see sung by sorpanos so far! (Veronica Cangemi in VK’s Tancredi discs, Petrig in VK’s salzburg debut, Ruby Hughes in Rene Jacobs’ version, etc.) This might explain why it takes mr. CT a lot of effort, it sounds pretty high to me.

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