Joyeux Noël

a bit early, but Händel is great, am quite in awe re-listening to the Messiah. quite love the lower pitch. Soprano: Lynne Dawson. Orchestra: The Brandenburg Consort. Dir: Stephen Cleobury. The Choir of King’s College (a glimpse of more to come at 10AM EST live from the UK.). here’s the entire playlist of the performance.

and an accompanied pix:

24-Dec-2011, 7:04am


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17 Responses to Joyeux Noël

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Wow. Your pix continue to amaze!

    • thả diều says:

      thanks Eyes. meanwhile, guess sleeping schedule is not that messed up after all, am about to pass out here, might last until 1st song at 10am 🙂 . hope your day is moving along great. i currently back to feet tapping to stay awake while staring at Greenland…

  2. Eyesometric says:

    The broadcast at 10am *should* be on iPlayer later. I cannot do the live thing either (old folks to entertain) so may save it to play whilst eating traditional lunch – on Monday!
    Give my regards to Greenland 🙂

    • thả diều says:

      done. that’s surely enough readings for me for 2011. the organ sound was grrreat. thought i’d enjoy more now that i know what it is about, but i afraid too many readings, can’t seem to shake. back to Messiah for now, though equally religious..
      enjoy the night entertaining old folks :-).

  3. Eyesometric says:

    Back from singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer x 25 🙂 Old folks always have early entertainment then off to bed at 6pm!
    I see everything is now on iPlayer ( for me anyway ) Tosca, Carolsx2 and La Fille du Regiment is still going on.
    Are you there for the WHOLE night?

    • thả diều says:

      25!! i’ve tried to sing that song but could never got pass “got a very shiny nose”. after carols, i needed a round of Messiah. couldn’t quite handle soprano’s run in La Fille du Regiment… so i called it quit and just done chopping hair off 😀 (need to get rid of old hair b4 travel, given i won’t see my apartment again b4 2012!) was a strange night/day indeed, and after surfacing to see civilization again, i saw ice crystals everywhere, winter is finally here in this cambridge, yay! street was surprisingly empty, can’t remember the last 24th i’ve spent in boston :-). hope you’re enjoying the carols! those readings were quite… actually i listened to the first few, sounded like from “Lord of the Rings”, and then it progressively becoming that scene from Jane Eyre again…

  4. yvette says:

    Thank you so much for this French Joyeux Noël ! Have a nice and peaceful end of year dear Thà, (Google translate gave me Merry Christmas for the Vietnamese translation of the French Joyeux Noël… it is hopeless!)

    • thả diều says:

      Hallo Yvette! have a merry xmas! Actually we vietnamese use the word Noël , i never heard of xmas until i arrived in the US. The proper way of translation would be “Chúc Mừng Giáng Sinh” where Giáng = appear, descend, Sinh = born, Chúc = wish and Mừng = happy . However it’s really just for political (?) correctness because we don’t really wish each other happy in Vietnam during this time (back when i was growing up). In fact, because only a small population was Catholic (rest = buddhism) we just dressed up fancily (not me), went to church, and cheerfully sang away xmas songs. The only time we wish each other happiness i think is lunar new year or wedding 🙂 .

      ps- you could call me thadieu if you’d like, or td for short. it makes more sense; thả diều is nickname which means flying (thả) the kite (diều) in vietnamese. thả alone would sort of imply i got released 😀

  5. thả diều says:

    waw, the alto…. i faint
    (ps- is it me or she does look like Sean Young in Blade Runner?)

  6. Eyesometric says:

    I cannot make a comparison as I am *forbidden* to access the Sean Young pic !!!! But I will take your word for it 😉

  7. Smorg says:

    Happy Holidays, Dr. T! Hope the fest is going well and festive in your neck of the woods! 😀

    • thả diều says:

      Smorrrgiii, happy holidays to you too!! how’s the weather on that side of the continent? this side is dropping fast, thought still not a single flake of snow in sight!. If you ever want to check out the famous rose parade you’re welcome to venture up north for a visit (but you might be assigned a kid to take care of :-p )

      • Eyesometric says:

        I’m good with kids … beam me up Scottie!

      • Smorg says:

        Hey! I wish I could go up, matie. I’m stuck doing more math, tho. Gotta get 3 more chapters by next Monday or so. 😛 The Aussie math profs are sadists when it comes to exercises and examples!

        Happy New Year to you and everyone, too! 😀 Have fun at the Parade!

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