it’s been a long extended trip with lots of emotion, which semi-concluded with a quiet moment of Beethoven 5 followed by a silent moment sitting together on the dark stairs looking “over the bridge”.  I’m reminded again why i hesitated to move away, but i think the little guy will continue to grow strong and we’ll all have more great moments together.

I’ve been struggling a lot with how disney in particular and peer pressure in general have shaped kids’s views in their early world.  Give me a kid dressing in a princess gown waiting for prince charming and i’m clueless how to deal with. ignoring the poor kid is not the right option, but i’m just beyond frustrated hearing a kid babbling about disney and how beautiful their _pink_ dresses are.  My other nephew is even seen hiding in a corner eating his yogurt just because the spoon is pink!

and then there’s the little guy, no interest whatsoever in much except for my presence.  We’re entirely fine sitting together on the meadow looking over the hills for hours, or listening on repeat to beethoven 5, or whatever.  i grew up caring very little for the surroundings and spent endless hours staring at the sky or the sand on the beach or the waves in the ocean.  might be the reason i feel an immense connection with the little guy. Am quite looking forward to when he’s a bit older and can just spend a summer hanging out with me in Boston :-).

Anyhow, this extended trip has also left me a bit unsettled, a few days sleeping here and there. had a terrible dream last night getting trapped in some living hell where surrounding people were hunting and eating human flesh, urgh.  enough of that!  let’s settle down with Bach for the night…


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8 Responses to ramblings

  1. Eyesometric says:

    I love the photo and the caption ( Google gave me the gist ) You are lucky indeed to have such a bond with a youngster and so many years to look forward to. But what a mixed emotional time for you. Aunty Eyes recommends some selective listening to get those dreams back on track.

  2. smorg says:

    I confess I’m rather fond of the pink panther… but mostly because he’s a cat! 😀 Hopefully the pinkmania will grow out of their system soon enough, matie. 🙂 And it’s encouraging you still have the little guy who enjoys the stillness of life and Beethoven! I wish you were my aunt growing up. My family just isn’t into music at all (that was why my older brother the guitarist ran away when he turned 18), so my mom thought there was something off with me hiding in corners listening to Johann Strauss and Smetana or reading books. 😛 Turns out she was sort of right! ;D Bwahahahaha!

    Hey there Eyes! Got your note & will write back soon! Hope everyone is having a good start to the work week!

  3. thả diều says:

    hi Eyes and Smorgy!! 🙂
    ah, Eyes, that’s a quote from a nice poem about bamboo trees (everytime i talk about it, am reminded of this superb documentary about rats and bamboos :-))

    hey Smorgy, actually i don’t have problem with pink, just a problem with the teaching of what girls and boys are _supposed_ to like, forcing little kids into molds, it’s a set up for bullying later on as those who don’t fit in the mold get singled out, grrr . whatever happened to let the kid choose what he/she likes?? 🙂

  4. Eyesometric says:

    Box too skinny for me so startrd anew.
    Certainly saw all that fabulous bamboo stuff. Particularly loved the scaffoding – much nicer than steel to look at.

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