live stream don carlo

from the Bayerische Staatsoper. Here’s link.
ps- with subtitles in English!!! this is quite new from last time, hurray! now let me go look for libretto + synopsis (very timely alarm to wake up!)

libretto – English , Italian


you know i frustrated when screen is frozen like this!!!

back to finish up, that was beyond frustration, missed the entire 2nd half, not sure vhat the heck was causing disruption on my part, esp. because i was able to watch the first hour comletely uninterupted, grrr. let’s hope it pops up somewhere on internet so i can see again…
and while we’re at it, how much is tix to fly to Munich NOW to see Anja Harteros (and Kaufmann) for the rest of this run? 😀


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17 Responses to live stream don carlo

  1. Eyesometric says:

    I am here Dr T but because of leg injury this morning am stuck in bed with only iPod – cannot get to the computer- so can’t see or hear anything.
    Grrrrrrrr 😦

    • thả diều says:

      ah, sorry to hear ’bout leg injury Eyes! i hope nothing is broken except the streaming? very very nice so far, i’ll now have to go w/ headphones since sound is too saturated on flimpsy laptop speakers when Frau H sings…
      the music is amazing. lovely duet, really wish i were there live…

  2. thả diều says:

    liiiiiibertaaaaaaa! clap clap clap clap, now time for a quick dash to libretto to see what all that was about….

  3. thả diều says:

    aaaaack, hit techinical difficulty…… kept losing stream acccccckkkk

  4. thả diều says:

    wow, that was a powerful duet!! (minus the several interuptions, like now!! aaacck)

    such lovely lovely music!! got interupted and missed that duet between Harteros and mezzo/soprano? grrr. think i’ll make a dash for work to see if internet improves, though no think it’s my end that caused all disruptions…

    ioops, so much for intermission, is there one? now big red cross to all male chorus…

    or may be now is intermission… time to dash indeed (driving…) given *&(*&#$@ the interuptions were…

    let me just say i MIFFED missing that bit of singing from Harteros…

    how can i dash, backstage footage with Harteros and Kaufmann!! (to more disruptions!!! arghhhhhh)

    • Eyesometric says:

      There’s a lot of dashing going on. Be careful!!

      • thả diều says:

        done dashing, makes no difference hu hu hu. disruption is acknowledged by the bayerische staatsoper on fb

        ps- hope that swelling will eventually go down! muscle tear, ouch! what happened?
        (note am rambling instead of watching coz can’t see nada, stream frozen for last 10min, ARGH)

        edit: yep, just missed the entire scene, only heard 5 sec of big clapping. let’s hope they fix this problem in future. guess it’s a biiig hit and too many people overload their server…

  5. Eyesometric says:

    So. Sad day for both of us. I stumbled in the garden and had to shout for help and now am reduced to crawling around the house to get to important places – found it better than hopping. Enforced rest for a while – may crawl to the computer tomorrow. 🙂
    I bet some good soul will post this performance where others will find it soon – fingers crossed.

  6. thả diều says:

    well, several hours later and am still miffed… methinks it’s this sh*tty (fast) internet connection at (visiting) work behind super annoying firewall (damn keyboard tracking + blockage of youtube and streaming for sure) grrrr. still didn’t explain why i lost connection in the hotel in the first place (which was reason for my dash to windowless office..), though theory is that people wake up at 9am flocking to check their updates, GRRRRR. i knew there was a clear reason i wanted to be at home for this broadcast, ack ack ack. doesn’t help to have a freaking computer at work on GIGABIT ethernet but no flash installed properly (aaaarghhhh, we have no permission to install flash to just watch a youtube video while working, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

    ok, i’ll breath, quit damn internet, listen to something nice, and work on that gigabit ethernet puter for a bit, then off to run kick some ball to flush this out of system… 🙂

    on the bright side, my legs are (still) ok. Hope yours will recover in a timely fashion Eyes!

    (ps- and today is đêm giao thừa (new year’s eve) too!! 1 last day of the cat year…)

    • Eyesometric says:

      chúc mừng năm mới – Dragons are nice too!

    • thả diều says:

      oops, look vhat i found (thanks to Yvette for pointing out, head over the that YTber LIRIKXIII channel for more goodies!!)
      note sound saturation, so it’s just not my laptop, we need a recording with her full dynamical range!!)
      ahhh, don’t miss this too… aaaah

      • yvette says:

        Dear Eyes and Thadieu: first I feel I could have been helpful today towards Eyes who now cannot move after this bad fall… this is unfair… and I send my best wishes for a fast recovery because it is awful to be stuck in pains like this.Then dear thadieu I finish our natter from FB… evidently our LYRIKXIII (13 is the number for Bouches du Rhône so I guess from this music’s lover tastes that he is from the southern part of France… he loves the repertoire in French and wants to ‘defend ‘it.)friend will finish uploading tomorrow. He is amazing! As for this performance of Don Carlo(s) (I should know by now which one of the French or Italian version is with or without ‘s’ but I am quite dreadful lately …)it is a real wonder, the voices are simply splendid for the whole cast, and every detail on the stage makes sense. The orchestra is great to. So! let’s hope for another go on TV may be, without flaws in internet connections…

        • Eyesometric says:

          Thank you for your good wishes, Yvette. I’m sure I will mend soon and enforced rest means more time to watch and listen!

      • Eyesometric says:

        My word, that was quick work and a nice note to go to bed on!

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