music for the day

and new year too, yay.

Francia, nobil suol, si caro ai miei verd’anni!
Fontainebleau! ver voi schiude il pensier i vanni.
Eterno giuro d’amor là Dio da me ascoltò,
E quest’eternità un giorno sol durò.

Tra voi, vaghi giardin di questa terra ibéra,
Se Carlo ancor dovrà fermare i passi a sera
Che le zolle, i ruscelli, i fonti, i boschi, i fior,
Con le lor armonie cantino il nostro amor.

Addio, bei sogni d’or, illusion perduta!
Il nodo si spezzò, la luce è fatta muta!
Addio, verd’anni ancor!
cedendo al duol crudel,
Il core ha un sol desir: la pace dell’avel!

Tu che le vanità conoscesti del mondo
E godi nell’avel d’un riposo profondo,
Se ancor si piange in cielo,
piangi sul mio dolor,
E il tuo col pianto mio reca a’ piè del


About thả diều
writing-challenged opera-addict

7 Responses to music for the day

  1. yvette says:

    Quite right ! This is a fantastic rendition! I was also listening to it this morningà it is the same theme, farewell to what is the idea of native soil for one’s heart, like Joan of Arc ‘Adieux forêts’, I keep it in mind too, sung by Vesselina of course…Have a nice day!

  2. Anik LaChev says:

    thank you, this will be on repeat for the day! 🙂

  3. When I try to play it, I get a message that the video has been removed . . .is it gone?

  4. yvette says:

    Considering the upload was not for business purposes, I find it hard to understand. The opera house management must be watching youtube. It is a pity really, because it was a free streaming from the opera house. Well among the 450.000 people who followed the opera,some must have copied it and will commercialised it. Here, it was open and generous for the ones who missed it. And it was so good to be able to listen to it again…

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