la favorite

to continue with the theme “work hard to party hard”, i shall skip the free mozart marathon concert across campus today and camp in the office to continue with project to Donizetti’s “La Favorite“, courtesy of vivalavoce. here’s link to radio broadcast today. didn’t know she sang this role as late as in 2006!  Here’s synopsislibretto en francais, and an entire ebook libretto + music scores free from University of California’s library in English & Italian.

Do swing by to check their amazing schedule of opera-at-8 for March!!
Some highlights include Bellini’s Beatrice di Tenda with Kasarova and Gruberova, Handel’s Ariodante with ASvO and Lynne Dawson + Minkowski, Vivaldi’s Motezuma with Mijannovic and Beaumont and Basso and Il Complesso Barocco, Die Entführung aus dem Serail with Gruberova, Vivaldi’s Ercole sul Termodonte with Genaux + DiDonato + Biondi + Ciofi + Damrau + …

and while we wait until 8pm EST, a tune invaded my head since 3pm today, here’s music to start the evening…

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8 Responses to la favorite

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Wish I could stay and listen with you but it’s *way* past my bedtime! I love the comments from Christropher Howell about VK lower register 🙂

  2. thả diều says:

    wow, that’s 1 loong ballet… truly Berliozian!

    for a live recording, i’d like claps! methinks by filtering out the applause / audience noise, they also filter out the energy. didn’t remember so many tenor + bass lines in this before, they’re hogging 80% of singing!!

  3. Eyesometric says:

    I looked at the schedule as you suggest and found a *fabulous cast* on March 25 singing a fairly obscure Vivaldi piece ( well, to me anyway ) Went to Youtube to fix gap in knowledge and there seems to be only one version – with VERY scary costumes. Somewhat disconcerting!

    • thả diều says:

      scary costumes you said? now i curious, let me first find out what’s playing on Mar 25, could it be Motezuma, the one VK and Hallenberg just sang in Berlin earlier this year? (i sooo jealous hearing reports from Purity on that…, and we’re still waiting for words from Don Carlos in Zurich… on that same tangent line, have you been to VK’s website to check out her view on the role of princess Eboli as well as a couple of very very nice photos?)

      edit: oh, it’s the all-star cast for “Ercole sul Termodonte”. Vivica spoke very fondly of it during the cd-signing event in LA last month.

      Edit: just saw 1 clip with “interesting” costume ;-). well, he looks every bit like Michelangelo’s David. I was more curious why all his guards were in metal (plastic?) costumes… but then that counter-tenor just killed all the fun.

  4. Cat says:

    Yup guess being at home has sparked a web frenzy:) BTW you seen she has a ‘new’ CD out, on March 30 (day I see her Eboli :)). It’s a compilation of lots of old stuff, but nice cover art 😉

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