music to start (working) sunday

Hilary Summers has made a follower out of me since this clip, and to my delight, she just has a recording with Renata Pokupić! yay!

Vitige e Teodata: 
Ricordati, mio ben,
 che se da me tu parti,
 che se da te io parto,
Vitige e Teodata: 
 io vivo sol con te.
Già teco resta il cor
Già meco resta il cor
 in pegno del mio amor,
in pegno del tuo amor,
di mia costante fè.
di tua costante fè.
Vitige e Teodata: 
Ricordati, ecc.
Vitige and Teodata: 
Remember, my darling,
that when you’re parted from me,
that when I’m parted from you,
Vitige and Teodata: 
I live for you alone.
Yet my heart will remain with you,
Yet your heart will stay with me,
as a token of my love,
as a token of your love,
and my constant faith.
and your constant faith.
Vitige and Teodata: 
Remember, etc.
(They exit.)

let’s hope vivalavoce will broadcast it at some point!
Edit: ack, that CT made his way to this recording too!!! unmistakable voice!

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6 Responses to music to start (working) sunday

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Seems you cannot escape these CT’s! – but the rest is lovely.

  2. This is very nice listening. I need to find more recordings of Pokupic – I like her voice.

  3. thả diều says:

    survived a week where i had to wake up at 9am everyday with all engines running!
    oh Eyes, i hope you didn’t hear any CT in that clip, that’s just Ms. Summers and Pokupic, and yes, indeed, very lovely! 🙂

    Charlotte: i saw Ms. Pokupic once at LA opera, she was really having a ball playing Cherubino, and the singing is very fresh and charming! i also really like these couple clips, one of Cherubino with that nice clarinetist from Rene’s Jacob’s Tancredi, and one singing Sesto where I really love her phrasing and ways of expressing emotion (all in the voice).

    ps- i saw somewhere on that tumblr site recommendation to not wear see-through shirts while singing these arias… should i be very proud to admit i notice less of what i see through her shirt than what the REST of that orchestra was doing in the background?? such amazing concentration and tentative accompaniment, love love!!!

    • I just watched both clips – I like these too! The “parto, parto” has such urgency. I’d love to see her on stage as Sesto. (And I thought her outfits in both clips were great. I mean, yeah, the blouse is see-through, but she’s wearing a bra underneath, so what’s the difference, really?)

    • stray says:

      She takes “Parto” at ASvO speed, awesome.

  4. Eyesometric says:

    Isn’t the power of suggestion a remarkable thing?
    Congratulations on survival!

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