ariodante on vivalavoce

argh, just missed 1/2 of the overture which i love. here’s link to player.
Monday, 05-Mar-2012, 8PM EST


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2 Responses to ariodante on vivalavoce

  1. Smorg says:

    Ack! Missed it, too. Was planning on catching that after spotting the broadcast on , but got distracted and forgot all about it. 😦 O well. Maybe next time! Hope you’re having fun running around Boston, too! 😀

    • thả diều says:

      I think they’ll broadcast it again at some point. I liked it, but have to really confess: i couldn’t (have never been able to) tell ASvO’s voice apart unless i look at the libretto… Ewa Podles, on the other hand… :-).
      “summer” is here! today we’re running around in t-shirt!! to a wind that even set my hair flying! hope you’e enjoying the rice bike ride on that side of the coast!

      Edit: oops, i spoke too soon. it’s 19degC outside currently, but we have a forecast of 2cm snow tomorrow night (and -2degC)!!

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