music to start mar 8

i didn’t know it’s international women’s day! in vietnam, it’s female teachers day, and we little kids have a song dedicated to teachers, along the line of going into the garden to find the most beautiful flower to give to your female teacher, make promise to her that we would study very hard, help build a prosperous nation, and turn the country into a beautiful garden of flowers :-).

But, the music clip here is a bit unrelated. just want to put up what i’ve been listening to

This was Anna Caterina Antonacci’s debut for the role Vitellia, to Joyce DiDonato’s  Sesto! There was a radio broadcast of this! you know am on a mission to (unsuccessful so far) hunt down the recording!


(c) Ariane Arlotti

If you’re curious, here’s some more clips of the same broadcast on YT:

Deh se piacer mi vuoi

Parto, parto, ma tu ben mio

Deh, per questo istante solo


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15 Responses to music to start mar 8

  1. Antonacci has definitely got those lovely low notes for “non piu di fiori.” And DiDonato is her usual riveting self – I bookmarked both of Sesto’s arias to listen to again later because I am technically supposed to be working right now. If your hunt for this recording turns it up, a public announcement of some kind must follow!

  2. stray says:

    When was this broadcast?

  3. thả diều says:

    here’s the info of broadcast. given that it was on radio3, may be they’d broadcast it again, as they sometimes do with old recordings like Rossini’s Matida di Shabran or Beethoven’s Fidelio last year. my combing still hasn’t turned up much…

    Here’s the actual date of the live broadcast (06 May 2006).

  4. thả diều says:

    unrelated, but we were here yesterday, free, row 7 center, very nice!! they’re performing mozart sinfonia concertante K364 next month, yay!

  5. Cat says:

    Happy IWD indeed, great way to celebrate thanks. Still no getting the JDD thing, but Antonacci fascinating as Vitellia. And I second baltimoreandme!

    • thả diều says:

      happy to see she included sento brillar and bella sorge la spenranza in the collection! actually it’s interesting how i first like a singer’s take on the fast aria, but the longer time goes by, the more i end up liking the slow ones. seems like i migrating your way Purity! (first handel, now slow ones!)

      • Cat says:

        I think it’s something to do with hook then land…. those fast arias draw attention but for my ears it’s the slow ones that really reveal the artistry, the passion, and the humanity (in music and singer). That said still love a good come nube to kick start a slow morning 🙂

        Still no tx for the VK/Trebs show 😦 But seeing her elsewhere in March and June so can’t complain. And fingers crossed the Der R in Zurich is a little easier to get tx for! Apart from anything Zurich has the absolutely best veggie restaurant I have ever been to (HITL) and it’s right around the corner from the Opera 🙂

        Slightly off topic – there looks to be an amazing Anne Sofie von Otter DVD on the way soon of her Theresienstadt. Another one to watch out for…

        Have a great weekend Dr T. I’m off to wrestle with a long overdue book chapter. Procrastination has its limits.

  6. jcmwee says:

    No connection with IWD you say? Well, a woman who plots to get what is rightfully hers is one assertive woman – even if her ethics are all a bit screwed up! Poor old Sesto, to get caught up in her wiles. That is one powerful woman – I’d stay the hell away from Vitellia.

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