currently happening

in that part of the world:

clik on image for link to OpernhausZürich video

I wouldn’t mind if they talk *much* less and show _more_ singing! (esp. when german-challenged-me can’t understand 3 words…)


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7 Responses to currently happening

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Hear hear!!!
    The production looks gorgeous – love the set and costumes. At least they got the ‘cello solo 🙂
    Look more than a promo video, is there any word of anything more?

  2. Yes, more music and less talk! Every time one starts to enjoy it – BAM there’s a guy interrupting and explaining things in German.

  3. thả diều says:

    i still miffed those uptight germans and swiss.. we can never ever get an underground clip out of them, no agrippina! no Eboli so far, woooah. we’ll jsut have to “settle” for this for now:

  4. stray says:

    I don’t mind the explaining,I just wish Bechtolf would slow down a bit and enunciate, because what I’m able to glean from what he’s saying makes me think “Yes, at last, thank you!”

    • thả diều says:

      oh? would you be so kind to translate the whole thing? 🙂
      Actually i do love explanation, just that i was resenting the fact i couldn’t understand it (my short-comings). But, still, they could include a little bit more singing.

      • stray says:

        The Bechtolf part is beyond my present powers, I’m afraid. But if I’m getting the gist right, what he’s saying is that the librettists short-changed the play (which he describes as “far richer, more subtle and precise”), that Verdi’s music rescued it “more or less”, and that nevertheless he wishes they’d stuck closer to the source material. Which, if that IS what he’s saying, amen. 🙂

        If I’ve got it wrong, then proper Germanisti are requested to weigh in.

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