music to start weekend

ideally i want a video from Zürich or Munich, but this is also very nice, here’s the playlist to start the (overnight) weekend:

(are the fans and cross written in the libretto? and i want to know who tendered flowers to and duet with princess Eboli in Zürich?)


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5 Responses to music to start weekend

  1. Eyesometric says:

    The second clip with Poplavskaya is just gorgeous and nobody explains things like Pappano, so – lovely start to the weekend!

    • thả diều says:

      i agree, very very lovely. i was somehow worried her voice was too thin at the opening scene, but here it’s truly heart-breaking. i wonder if the audience in the hall can hear though? she was singing piano soo beautifully. i also went back to the munich 2012 version with Harteros, suuuuch different characterizations!! still need to digest that one, but i really like Poplavskaya here (this is also my first time listening to her voice.)

      • Eyesometric says:

        I believe she has been regarded as a “cold” performer, agile of voice but empty of character – no evidence of that here! I don’t think Pappano would encourage pianissimo singing if it didn’t carry through the house – might be wrong though.

  2. smorg says:

    Didn’t get to this until the weekend is already over, but it makes for a good start to the week anyhow. Thanks, Dr. T! 😀 I can use an opera break every now and then…. been stuck with math and the flu, but once I’m done with the former I’ll get to go back to opera-ing properly (have ticket to the Met’s encore HD of Rheingold on May 9th as an insurance). 😉

    Hiya Eyes!

    • thả diều says:

      hi there Smorgy! hope you enjoy Poplavskaya as much as I and Eyes did.
      Eyes, is that what she’s known for really? clearly not from this performance. Actually i have been staying away from her unjustly simply because she was all over the MET news, and i somehow allergic to the way the MET glamorizes singers… I’ll tune in next time she sings though!

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