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really thought i could wake up for the boston marathon watch :-), oh well. it’s HOT today in Cambridge/Boston, the race officials allowed runners to skip the race and defer until next year if they choose to do so. Anyhow, the women’s race came down to a sprint (!!) with 1st and 2nd place decided within 2 seconds. I guess we don’t think too much about it, but if you really pause for a moment, that’s really amazing (how the body can last 2 hours+ (in ~30°C) running very fast and yet still able to sprint)

it sort of reminded me of this other race i once read about (still resented VERY MUCH not able to watch, damn copyright crap and NBC deciding it’s not worth showing…), a photo-finish with 1st and 2nd place determined within 0.3 second after 30-km skiing.

Norway's Marit Bjoergen (L) congratulates Poland's Justyna Kowalczyk after the women's 30 km mass start classic cross-country final at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, British Columbia, February 27, 2010. (c) Reuters/Michael Dalder

In other news, 1 FFC Frankfurt won the 1st leg against Arsenal in London yesterday, with Kerstin Garefrekes scoring the winning goal at minute 90+3.  Avid fans of the club can follow the news at this Tumblr site**.  I could be wrong but that’s probably Alex Scott, who played for the Boston Breakers last year, defending Garefrekes.


Lastly, for fans of Jessica Landström, here she is, airborne executing a bicycle kick…

(c) unknown

until the next report.
** I *dislike* with passion these gif images that continuously jump around on the screen. The trick to get rid of the animation is to hit the ESC key immediately as the page is loading. All text will load and images stopped! (have to do very quickly of course).

I’ve also developed an allergy to flash and discovered (at least for Mac) that you can download these 2 tools called “clicktoflash” ( and its friend “clicktoplugin”, which after enabled, prevent ALL flash from playing until you allow it, yay!!

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  1. Eyesometric says:

    Since you are not visible in the marathon pic I guess you must have deferred until next year?

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