patched up Tito

i’ve been debating about writing this up… This was a concert performance of Mozart’s La Clemenza di Tito by Emmanuel Music with “local” soloists. “Local” just because I’ve seen some of these singers more than once this last year in the Boston area. As with the Freisinger’s performance, i came in without any high/low expectation, just simply to enjoy hearing for the first time ever live Tito.
Well, i guess “no expectation” can result in surprises. Or _shock_ in this case: my eyes nearly popped out when the _narrator_ stepped to the high podium (where the priest usually stands to preach) and began narrating in English after the overture!! My first thought: They are telling the story NOW??? Didn’t they have a 1-HOUR pre-concert talk to get all that in? Don’t tell me… aaah, sh*t, my dear, they’re really gonna do this the ENTIRE evening…” That really took a LONG time for the brain to adjust, especially when you know i just posted a clip of the first 10min of this opera 1 week ago and babbled about my love for the recit and its transition into “come ti piace imponi”… Anyhow, the whole thing became somewhat of a chopped up version without any sort of flow… Read more of this post