music to continue tuesday

currently live, from Basel (i think…), link, Ensemble Il Profondo performs Vivaldi, Scarlatti and Crevetto in Basel (hmm, that must be a CT singing currently…) Via various source i just recently discovered and subscribed to TheWorldConcertHall where one is informed of all live concert/opera broadcasts. They do update a bit too much on facebook i must say, am getting about 50 or so per day, but that’s partially how i got to Vesselina Kasarova’s recital last sunday (thanks Smorgy!), Zacharias’ Mozart and Beethoven concert 2 hours ago in Lausanne, and this currently.

In other news, time is short, so i might not have a chance to write up the absolutely fantastic “Orfeo ed Euridice” opera/ballet performance by Boston Baroque this past friday (and the AMAZING back muscles of one particular dancer, and how truly amazing it is the body movements from a dancer who can show you the purpose of every line/gesture). The singing was also nice, but i admit totally drawn to the dancers and almost went there the following night, though pending work prevented in the end. Below are just a couple of photos of curtain call. Boston Baroque should definitely send more rehearsal photos prior to their shows because it was this particular one that sent me across the river. Also, last photo is from the realllly nice Mozart K364 concert by the NEC students.


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