music to continue wednesday

So, i quite like the first song from Frau Kasarova’s recital this past sunday (that tune is pretty sticky), and thanks to the link Charlotte provided in her post of Dorothea Röschmann’s recital, i dug up the text + translation. so, a post in progress, while i fight with hydrography data on an interesting global grid…


Schumann, “Der arme Peter” song cycle

Der Hans und die Grete tanzen herum,
Und jauchzen vor lauter Freude.
Der Peter steht so still und so stumm,
Und ist so blaß wie Kreide.
Der Hans und die Grete sind Bräut’gam und Braut,
Und blitzen im Hochzeitsgeschmeide.
Der arme Peter die Nägel kaut
Und geht im Werkeltagkleide.
Der Peter spricht leise vor sich her,
Und schauet betrübet auf beide:
Ach! wenn ich nicht gar zu vernünftig wär’,
Ich täte mir was zuleide
Hans and Grete dance around
and cheer with loud joy.
Peter stands so still and mute,
and is as pale as chalk.
Hans and Grete are bride and groom,
flashing in their wedding clothes.
Poor Peter bites his nails
and goes about in workday clothes.
Peter speaks softly to himself,
gazing gloomily at the pair:
Ah, if I weren’t so sensible,
I might do myself harm.
In meiner Brust, da sitzt ein Weh,
Das will die Brust zersprengen;
Und wo ich steh’ und wo ich geh’,
Will’s mich von hinnen drängen.
Es treibt mich nach der Liebsten Näh’,
Als könnt die Grete heilen;
Doch wenn ich der ins Auge seh’,
Muß ich von hinnen eilen.
“Ich steig’ hinauf des Berges Höh’,
Dort ist man doch alleine;
Und wenn ich still dort oben steh’,
Dann steh’ ich still und weine.
Within my heart there lies an ache
that will break my heart apart;
wherever I stay, wherever I go,
it is always pushing me onward.
It drives me to my beloved’s presence,
as if Grete could heal it;
but when I see [that ache] in her eyes,
I must hurry away from there.
“I climb to the heights of the mountain,
for there one can be alone;
and when I stay up there silently,
then I stand mutely and weep..
Der arme Peter wankt vorbei,
Gar langsam, leichenblaß und scheu.
Es bleiben fast, wie sie ihn sehn,
Die Leute auf den Straßen stehn.
Die Mädchen flüstern sich ins Ohr:
“Der stieg wohl aus dem Grab hervor.”
Ach nein, ihr lieben Jungfräulein,
Der steigt erst in das Grab hinein.
Er hat verloren seinen Schatz,
Drum ist das Grab der beste Platz,
Wo er am besten liegen mag
Und schlafen bis zum Jüngsten Tag.
Poor Peter staggers past,
quite slowly, as pale as a corpse, and shy.
When they see him,
the people in the street almost stop in their tracks.
Maidens whisper in one another’s ears:
“Surely he has risen from the grave!”
But no, dear young girls,
he has not yet climbed into his grave.
He has lost his love;
therefore the grave is the best place for him.
There he might best lie
and sleep until Judgment Day..

Edit [10-May-2012]: yes, there’s always hope, i currently working through Rachmaninov, very very nice actually! and a pix to convey the current mood:


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3 Responses to music to continue wednesday

  1. earwormopera says:

    It is a sticky tune – I liked the song as well. And I’m glad the lieder website was useful!

    • thả diều says:

      yes, thanks for the link! i didn’t know this song before (true for 99.99% of lieder) but somehow it left an impression on me during the live broadcast (must have been her hanging notes, or at least how i visualize it, hanging up just above head in rolling hill motion). Anyhow, now after 20+ times, it’s seriously sticking, might just have to listen until i burn out, the poor Peter! Roeschmann’s recital is still on my to-listen list…

  2. yvette says:

    I had the impression she was warming up with this Schumann Poor Peter. not my favourite in her recital. the Russian parts are more moving and vocally bringing her complete adequation to the poetry. Love the Tchaïkovsky a lot!

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