capuleti montecchi round 4

this will be an unjustly short report because of shortage of time on my part, again sort of in rambling mode. At the end of tonight’s performance, i somehow found myself feeling silently quite sad. sad because this will have to come to an end, that Vesselina Kasarova might be retiring the role after this Saturday. Beauty is a very subjective term. What i experienced in the past 1.5 week and today especially was sublime beauty. One could really say tonight’s performance was the most complete vocally. The orchestra took another day off from blasting (just what I want, stop playing is fine too); Eri Nakamura’s much lighter voice allowed VK to not have to push. The result was a performance at its highest quality, an immense treat for those who came to appreciate her art. In my humble opinion, this is a once in a life-time experience. Admittedly under-sampled, I do not think I/we will come across such a capable and intelligent mezzo anytime soon. Can we really say Bel Canto is written for her voice AND her interpretation?

As you all know, the commotion is gone. Everyone seemed much more relaxed and both singing and acting fit together nicely. I even had time to appreciate Capellio’s voice, a very very nice bass! Tebaldo also seemed more relaxed and resumed some of his goosebumps-induced fine singing without being pushed by the loud orchestra.

I really like Eri Nakamura. She’s my preferred Giulietta if i have to pick between her and Netrebko. Some of the reasons are personal of course, including the fact that she allowed for a much more relaxed VK (i.e., VK didn’t have to push constantly to be heard). I wrote a long post about her voice last year and everything holds true. It’s also interesting to re-realize how many notes Giulietta actually has :-). The whole evening, that orchestra (except for the incredible clarinetist) dragged itself through (entirely conductor’s fault i point finger), but that’s really fine. When Eri Nakamura and Vesselina sing, individually or in duet, the less the orchestra plays/interferes the better.

So, that should sum it up. I could go on and on about how wonderful the singers performed their respectively aria (such as the incredible and powerful Romeo’s entrance aria, heart-breaking tomb scene, Romeo-Giulietta balanced duets, amazingly making-sense and powerful Romeo-Tebaldo duet, breathing-stopped -inducing (?) Giulietta’s Act II scene 1 aria, Giulietta’s desperate cry for help (entrance aria)…) but where do I end? There’s 1 more show, the big-time-seeker “fans” are selling their tickets away. Get yourself one and come to the Bayerische Staatsoper this coming Saturday to experience Vesselina Kasarova singing Bel Canto live. That is my recommendation. Signing off until the last performance as I traverse Germany again the next several days.

ps- The dynamics of the couple has shifted, a tall VK in her handsome white shirt fits nicely the image of a protector to a fragile and desperate Giulietta. The height difference accentuates this feeling even further. a lovely sight.
ps2- i really thought i took a movie of the curtain call which included a wonderful and warm hug VK gave to Eri, but apparently i didn’t! Sorry. Time to pack and self-reflect on the evening…


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8 Responses to capuleti montecchi round 4

  1. yvette says:

    Thanks so much! As expected once the ‘star-system ‘ faded…. much relaxed and balanced, yes, I am really lookng forward now!

    • Eyesometric says:

      You have a way of drawing us in to this maelstrom of changing emotions. Beautifully written and sincerely felt. Thank you once again.
      PS. Grab a tick for Saturday? .. I wish!

  2. Anik LaChev says:

    many thanks for this post and for taking the time to write it, I was really looking forward to reading your vivid impressions once more.
    Very compelling comparisons as to Nakamura or Netrebko, and “star system” vs. more relaxed work and how that would shift the dynamics – I can only imagine (and be very envious 😉 – how could anyone sell their ticket?!).

    Save & successful travels to you, and I am looking forward to “round 5”!

  3. Bergerchef says:

    It’s really heart-warming seeing so much enthusiasm! Since I am watching all this from a promoter’s point of view: what do you think about the 50% off? I assume it is a huge relief concerning the ws-travel expenses though I think it is quite an affront regarding everybody but Anna Netrebko who “alas” was fabulous as far as I can tell.
    Enjoy that show – and the intermission – on Saturday!
    A P.S. to Cat: so it is AN and not BB – you should have told me this a earlier 😉

    • thả diều says:

      Greetings everyone from Bremerhaven! I just saw the Polarstern (minus the penguins of course!), the world largest ice breaker.

      @Bergerchef: Actually it didn’t save me much money because i always go for the 2nd cheapest :-), though I’m much more annoyed that it put me in very bad locations due to the ticket price shift. All singers are professionals so i think they all understand the hype and tix price and all that… If anything, i think it’s a bit unfair for Eri Nakamura because she didn’t have time to prepare properly. The singing was really nice but both acting and singing should improve for the finale. She (Eri) did everything the same as last year in term of acting, and it was interesting and very nice to see VK adjusting on the go. She gave Eri several hugs at the end, very supportive.

      • Bergerchef says:

        Ah the Polarstern – well, I am dreaming of some “Meistersinger” in Ilulissat though I fear Sermeq Kujalleq might melt even faster than expected – depending on the lineup of the artists – ;-). Hmmm I am not too sure everybody will understand… . What if VK cancelled, too – would it be another 25 % off or even free of charge for everybody?
        I think what the Staatsoper are doing is highly problematic and at least I was kind of hoping
        the refund would be high enough to finance interval refreshments 😉 .

  4. Murielle says:

    Perfect report that gives the desire of living this Musical Event : we still feel your different emotions…
    Thank you so much !
    The last performance will be exceptional.

  5. operasmorg says:

    Dr T, you do realize that you will now have to write a book about your travel all over the world to see amazing opera performances one of these days, don’t you? I mean, really, it’d be such a cool perspective to read. I’ll volunteer to pester you endlessly for it. ;D Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Wishing you awesome final performance and equally delightful tour of Germany, too!

    Hallo Yvette, Eyes, Anik, Murielle… And hey, there’s the Bergerchef! Long time no see! 😀

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