post capuleti montecchi round 5

i packed, ready to leave Romeo and Munich. The actual round 5, there’s not much more i can really say that I haven’t in the last 4 posts. Having a bad spot, i was alertly looking and, along a big wide smile, moved promptly to a GrEAT spot just vacated by a man (he moved 1 spot left of his original spot 🙂 ). We quickly exchanged smiles knowing these are the some of best spots in the house to view and hear. It turned out he had been to 4 performances compared to my 5, you can say we’re true fans? During the performance, just a load of exchanges of “wow”, “yes, just wow” between the two of us. Also some quick discussion on Eri Nakamura’s voice and how it fits with Romeo and with the staging. I must say I like both Eri Nakamura’s voice and her portrayal of Giulietta. The sink seemed to highlight her desperation even more. The acting has more chemistry today that last wednesday, that duet was quite amazing.

…anyhow, multiple sources informed me that Frau Kasarova would be signing after the performance. I had recently a strange experience during an autograph event (involving a friend) and was wondering if I would end up turning into a stranger who I wouldn’t even recognize while standing in front of someone i adore/admire greatly… while in queue, i managed to buy a great Romeo photo AND her book (in German!!) Fine, I’ll attempt to “read” with the help of google translator. Anyhow, there she was sitting and chatting away very comfortably with the Romeo’s hair i love. The first moment was awkward to say the least, me “hallo” and her exact response “hallo”… But, we did engage in a short conversation, “I want to ask when you’ll be in the USA”, “oooh, USA, I’m not sure….”, “to the east coast perhaps?”, “uhm…”, “I’m from Boston”, “Aahhhh, Boston!”, “and I’ve seen all five performances…”, “five! thank you!” She was quite surprised to hear that apparently. So, some more thanking on my part, great, i got autographs, everyone was happy (white shirts and non white shirt alike) and getting ready to leave…

asking Vesselina when she would come to sing in the US. many thanks to Suzette for the foto.

Something felt so wrong, i couldn’t bring myself to leave. I’ve been spending many many months listening and appreciating Frau Kasarova’s work. And here she was sitting so comfortably just 3 meters away chatting so friendly with her fans, I really needed a moment to just reflect. It’s not so much about being “obsessed” with a person and awestruck in their presence. Not sure what it was, but leaving definitely felt very wrong. So there i was, sitting by myself watching her chatting and signing away. Slowly everyone left and that was the right time. I truly wanted to thank her and it seemed only fit that a personal sincere message be delivered without pen + photos. We exchanged a warm handshake and thanks. She said she hoped to see me again in America, to which I replied I hope to see her sooner in Europe. That felt right. From someone who has been a big influence in my life recently, that’s the right way to send me off with a warm smile.

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  1. jcmwee says:

    warm inner glow for you Dr T. I have no idea how you just didn’t melt into the floor….

  2. Anik LaChev says:

    my first stop this morning online – your #5 in the series. Thank you for sharing, both the performance and the meeting – a great end to this tale. Looking forward to the continuation, regardless of the continent (although someone told me that there would be this great concert hall in Boston…)! 😉

    • thả diều says:

      Can you believe, iaäm sitting here eating breakfast with mz friend and he just informed me heäs taking the train with VK in 1 hr to Salzburg where theyöre performing together for tomorrow live Berlioz concert!! So sheäs been rehearsing with them the last 2 dazs as well, though not singing outloud because she needed her voice for the performance last night. signing off, will write more when i pop out on the other side of the Atlantic Oocean

      • Anik LaChev says:

        i hope you will be there in time for the concert livestream of the Berlioz! 🙂

        • Eyesometric says:

          Berlioz “available” in case anyone needs it 😉

        • thả diều says:

          ack, hic, alarm didn’t go off, just missed…
          Eyes, do you happen to capture?

          oh Eyes!!! could you please please drop it off in box?? “it” = cleopatre that i just missed. Am still listening to the live one b/c my friend is playing in the orchestra, but would love to have 1st bit. He told me he had never played with VK before, and didnt’ know her either because during rehearsal she didn’t sing outloud… how was it live?

          Edit2 [28-may-2012 0620h]:
          just saw in my box, yipee, currently downloading 🙂

          • Eyesometric says:

            You are welcome! I thought it a tall order for you to be conscious after travelling *etc*!
            I have made a file of VK only which is small enough to email if anyone else wants it.

  3. Cat says:

    I’m so glad you decided to make a quiet personal moment, after travelling half way across the world and seeing it 5 times, you deserved some extra time to drink in the experience!! I can’t imagine VK has a more dedicated fan anywhere in the world.

    The queue was fun (at least as long as I stayed ;)) and I enjoyed sitting quietly where you sat later, waiting for you all to finish with some decidedly un-British autograph business. It gave me time to reflect in bittersweet way on how happy I was to have seen her last ever Romeo (I confess that final scene – knowing that – was almost unbearable to hear).

    My favourite non-VK memory of the night – the three “opera virgins” – tourists from the UK who told me it was their first time ever at the opera. I realised one of the ladies and I were both crying our eyes out almost uncontrollably during the final scene. Her from the beauty of it, me from the beauty and the realisation I would never be able to do this again. When I asked if they enjoyed it their faces all lit up and one immediately said “Oh yes, especially the mezzo”). I told them they were very lucky to have been there as she was retiring the role that night – they looked devastated until I reassured them she was still singing plenty of other things. VK retiring Romeo in Munich – some first night at the opera!

    And now a new day, life moves on. VK to Salzburg (S will record the concert she hopes in 5.1 – more for the treasure trove), you to Boston, me (well tomorrow) home to Scotland. But somehow everything better for our experiences. It was a wonderful time, I can’t wait till Zurich when we all see each other again. I’ll be on the phone first thing the morning the tx go on sale.

    PS Your photos are coming in the mail from S… the one with you and VK is *sooo* cute). Something very special to add to the office wall while you listen to your treasure trove of goodies from S 🙂

    • Eyesometric says:

      There are time when I don’t know what to say … this is one of them.

    • thả diều says:

      Thanks Cat, i was hoping you’d post your impression here :-). I’m soo glad we fans have something to cheer for as she retires the role: the recording on the 19th. Hopefully they’ll release that on dvd. It turns out my 2 main trips had been very successful: Alcina = dvd, capuleti = broadcast (+dvd?) .

      ps- i’m surprised my photo with her creates such an uproar amongst my friends, somewhere along the line they thought i was asking her out or something ;-). After that initial “hallo” on both sides, i had the feeling she was wondering which language i’d speak and i was wondering the same… so there was sort of an awkward silent moment before she started looking down to sign. So i was bending down searching for eye contacts while asking in english… at least that’s how it began…

      • Eyesometric says:

        “So i was bending down searching for eye contacts while asking in english… at least that’s how it began…..”
        That sounds like a fabulous opening for a story 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to see the photos. Great conclusion to a great trip.

  5. earwormopera says:

    That sounds so wonderful – what a perfect finish to the trip!

  6. operasmorg says:

    Hey Dr T, you’re doing awesome with the German keyboard! ;D Thanks a bunch for another wonderful read of more unforgettable experience, too! How cool!! (I know, I know, I’m totally abusing the ! thingy)

    And she was wonderful in the Berlioz (still available for the next 7 days at Oe1, actually ). I’m amazed. Totally different roles, and totally convincing in both. I can’t believe the year we are having… with her being in such great form and being recorded and broadcast! 😀

    Safe journey home and no jet lag for you. 🙂

  7. Murielle says:

    Thanks for all, Dr T !
    Just some minutes to meet you at the intermission (yes, I wore a black skirt with white dots ;-)) but I have recognized your energy and your enthusiasm !
    VK is wonderful incarnation of the role of Romeo. She is able to express with brio, a variety of feelings reflecting the chaos of emotions. Oh, the heartbreaking last scene… Long live opera !

    Memorable moment: the autograph session. I saw VK : she was royal, she was radiant (in orange color) ; her aura is fantastic. More than her signature, I keep in myself this emotion.
    And a surprising moment when you’re leaning on the table, to be at face level of VK, eye to eye !
    But a little frustration : we don’t have time to share impressions after the representation. Maybe another time ?

    PS : opera society in Munich is very smart (more than Paris.. ) . Next time, think to borrow a Christian Lacroix evening dress !

    • thả diều says:

      hi Murielle, thanks for sharing your impression here. I don’t think it was as much a language barrier during sharing experience at intermission as my tendency to withdraw knowing it was her last performance. i did skip two friends’ weddings to see VK so i supposed (unintentionally) skipping more whiteshirts at the end for a chance to talk to her was “predictable” and excused. In the end that quiet time was much needed and well spent.

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