germany 2012 recap

so, lots of pix, i just tossed them together to VK’s take of D’amour l’ardente flamme from last year opera-concert and made an HD movie out of it. Otherwise they’ll remain hidden somewhere like last year’s photos. All photos in Berlin bring back many many memories to both I and my younger sister, of our first trip traversing Germany back in 2002 (cake, lake, shop where we raised our 2 fingers for 200g of ham…). A last minute plan with a newly (yet oldly) found friend sent me to Bach’s beautiful St Thomas Church as well as a very nice tour of the city. Olympic stadium pix: it was a very very nice experience, especially when 5 years ago, during my first trip to Munich, I took a photo of the empty stadium and wondered what it would feel like sitting there listening to the roaring crowd. Sausage pix: a treat from a dear friend who upon hearing me mentioning dreaming of the white sausages the moment i landed bought many for me to try. Single map pix: un-nerving event which had me locked out and wandered the streets of Munich without a map after the opera at 1am looking for friend who was locked in at work studying for his exam. He later said he had full confidence in me to eventually find his office, clearly he doesn’t know my well documented record of getting lost, especially when the sun goes down… The only regret we had was our failure to capture a nice photo with him sticking his head out window chatting and tossing me the key. Fruit photo: another dear friend whose way of cutting fruits always made me wanting to eat the entire plate. It’s now established, the fruits are prepared whenever i’m in the house :-). Ham + Salami photo: a defensive mechanism after our memorable “sweet” 2002 trip which has us now always buying as much salty food as possible the moment we (I) land in Germany.

Just another fun note, the fast train system in Germany is very advanced, perhaps even a bit too advanced for a girl like me who grew up with squatting toilets and primitive “locks”. Their restrooms are extremely fancy with all sort of buttons and instructions only in German on how to lock the door. I spent many many minutes standing in there experimenting with (and nearly pulling the emergency one by mistake) them buttons while people kept opening the door and finding me inside :-D. This sort of reminds me of my first ever trip on the plane at the time we immigrated from Vietnam (via Thailand and Japan) to the US where i also didn’t know how to operate that bathroom lock…

on yet another fun note, AWI is of course Germany’s main center for polar research with many people who go out in the field. Upon hearing my mentioning of possibly going on a russian ship, a whole table worth of people whispered “good luck!” :-). apparently we all survive(d)…

So, a wonderful trip to see VK in top form, falling in love and saying goodbye to Romeo, seeing many close friends and making new ones. Can’t possibly ask for much more happiness in life.

(script: ffmpeg -r 0.3165 -i ./pix_%4d.JPG -vcodec dnxhd -b 18000000 -s 1280×720 -aspect 16:9 -i clip.mp3 -acodec copy -ss 00:00:00 -t 00:07:54 myslideshow.avi)

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3 Responses to germany 2012 recap

  1. Eyesometric says:

    “just tossed together”?? A hugely interesting and enjoyable mélange with some powerful shots. Love the one of the Steidle Building and that fabulous glass church at 3.21. and, of course, the most evocative ending.

    • thả diều says:

      thanks Eyes :-). I had to search for “Steidle building”, so that’s what you call that fancy building. I didn’t see any windows moving though, may be the wind and sun light changing need to be faster. Oh, that building at 3.21 i think is a university building instead of a church. I should edit to add also the pizza pix: lovely lovely discussion post 23rd performance with 2 passionate whiteshirts.

      • Cat says:

        Ah flammkuchen – hard to beat as a post-opera snack 🙂 We enjoyed it too – great to share the enthusiasm in person too sometimes!

        And for post opera in Zurich there is my hands down fav. veggie restaurant in Zurich – HITL. Just 2 minute walk from the Opera House and unusually for Zurich reasonable prices too.

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