pix for yesterday

was an interesting day, had to sign a very “important” (time-wasting if you really want my opinion) piece of paper plus having all 10 fingers printed *twice* here in LA, i _somehow_ put the date down as Jun 19, 1912. After staring for like 5 sec, the woman: let me re-print it, i’ll put the date down for you… But the rest of the day was really nice, seeing some old friends, camping myself outside in very very pleasant weather working until this happened,

completely derailed my work progress :-). dinner was also great, very nice really to see (not-so) old friends, was a really special group we had here last few years… kids time for the rest of weekend.

ps- you’d think i done w/ il pianto di Maria by now? not really, was spending the entire day listening to the radio recording, it’s really hitting home for me for some reason, especially the last 10min of soft singing… so, here’s the final pet-project-product, based on ishowu video + radio_recording_audio. music was matched to 0.05sec accuracy, this timing felt right. if somehow it sounds lagging, you can drop me a hint and i’ll fix. this is stashed away for when the tv clips no longer available. I’ll stash handel away as well…


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4 Responses to pix for yesterday

  1. jcmwee says:

    sweet Dr T. Wish my studies could be interrupted by such cute creatures….

  2. earwormopera says:

    The deer are very cute! (the only creatures to interrupt my working lately have been bees and mosquitoes . . . not nearly as fun)

  3. operasmorg says:

    Wow! How is one supposed to study when Bambi and friends are wandering around lawn-trimming? 😀 It’s so cool that they feel so safe around there!

    Thanks a bunch for the pet project, Dr. T! Nice job with the syncing. That’s a real labor of love! 😀

  4. thả diều says:

    hi everyone, back to my lovely window view with 2 helicopters twirling outside. the deers! you mean bambi!! just like in the cartoon!! actually we had a bambi puzzle once at home… didn’t realize how cute they are in real life! and those dots too! real, just like in the picture :-D. hopping, running, totally distracted me for 1/2 hr snapping away pix.

    ps- glad you like the pet project Smorgy, i learned a lot. can’t figure out why the radio recording sounds better to my ears, hence syncing art ;-).

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