bos-sea-anc-otz-ome, was a very long day, but last 2 legs were with superb superb company. with someone i highly highly respect, who invited me on the trip, and we were chit-chatting part science part life part fun all the way here. So, a first view of the Bering Sea, soo fresh and lovely the sight. The russian connection might not come through after all, even though i finally apparently got visa today (haven’t seen it). But now i don’t care so much about that, especially when i just saw map again that we’ll be going _into_ the Chukchi Sea!! crossing Bering Strait! *excited*. It’s super sun-shining at 11pm here, am told will be assigned the late “watch” shift to the sunset (will figure out what all this means once we board). Plan for tomorrow: unpack all equipments. Late night entertainment will include lessons on how to get into survival suits, can be quite comical am told. greetings from alaska!

ps- the music! in my head whole time when i walked along the ocean.


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writing-challenged opera-addict

2 Responses to day0

  1. Eyesometric says:

    So looking forward to following this saga although I did have to Google “bos-sea-anc-otz-ome” 🙂


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