day1 – calibrating

this never ending daylight in combo with different timezones on all of our laptops are confusing big time, not that i’m complaining! we’re just south of the arctic circle here. today was spent unpacking most of the delicate instruments from the shipment containers at the dock and calibrating to make sure everything functions as hoped. We got divided into group so i only know mainly the ADCP instrument. That’s for measuring the ocean speed and direction.
In addition, we also calibrated the CTD instruments, though i was stuck with trying to get the satellite phone to do ftp (unsuccessfully) so can’t tell you much how exactly to turn on/off/calibrate the CTD. Those (CTD) provide temperature and salinity of the water (most important for oceanographers). Seen above is the recorder (record info from the CTD). Lastly there’s also ocean bottom pressure sensors to give you information about the water column depth, i.e., instead of measuring “depth”, we can measure the weight of the water above the instruments and infer depth from that. Tomorrow plan: “building” instruments! i quite looking forward! and here’s the tune-in-the-head of the calibrating day.

(ps- oh, during dinner, i just found out those anchors are train wheels! They each weights ~ 1800lbs and we need about 2 of them to hold the instruments in place against the very strong currents across Bering Strait.)


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4 Responses to day1 – calibrating

  1. Eyesometric says:

    “bottom pressure sensors” …. oh my goodness!


  2. Kristy says:

    VERY cool! (“bottom pressure sensors,” hehehe)


  3. Cat says:

    Ah Eyes, a hidden aficionado of the double entendre.. worthy of Mr Clary himself that one 🙂

    Hope all’s still well up there Dr T…


  4. yvette says:

    Ah! something I do not need to translate…. dear Cat!


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