day2 – assembling

today was spent assembling all the instruments we tuned the previous day, putting them into frame, adding buoys, re-packing the containers. all preps are nearly done as we sit tight waiting for news from the ship. Things are beginning to make sense to me now as far as instruments are concerned. As advertised, the gumby suit fitting was hilarious :-). and as always, a tune-in-the-head for the day, no clue what’s sung, but i love the melody.

assembling ADCP + logger (recorder) to frame

attaching buoys

final product

serious oceanographers at work


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writing-challenged opera-addict

5 Responses to day2 – assembling

  1. jcmwee says:

    I say Dr T…are these your postdocs/doctoral candidates hard at work while you kick back and document the whole expedition?? Cushy job! ;-P *jokes*


  2. Anik LaChev says:

    oh, the perfect read for a hot summer day, just the blue of these skies is already a cool breeze. Also, nice red suit. 😉
    Thanks for blogging about your trip, I’m really enjoying these posts.


  3. Eyesometric says:

    Do they do the red suits in ExtraLarge as well?


  4. Sarah says:

    Are there oompah loompahs in Alaska ? 😉


  5. operasmorg says:

    Hey, where is the pic of you in those gumby suit??? ;D


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