music for saturday

Bellini’s ‘I Capuleti e i Montecchi’ from Gothenburg
18th August, Concert began at 17:30 hours GMT
Romeo: Katarina Karnéus (mezzo)
Giulietta: Kerstin Avemo (soprano)
Lorenzo: Mats Persson
Tebaldo: Karl Rombo
Capellio: Markus Schwarz
The Göteborg Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Conductor: Giancarlo Andretta.

still live from Sweden (just fount out it was performed yesterday and broadcast today), but apparently i can still hit the “play” button and it’s replaying from beginning, just got started with the overture…

took me a while to navigate the site in Swedish, but here’s how to find that player:

then a little “radio” pops up at bottom of browser:

Anyhow, i had big issue with the conductor in Munich, so it’s always interesting to hear other conductor’s take on the overture. Already the chorus sounds MUCH better.

– so, i quite like the conductor’s take so far, Tebaldo seemed to take a couple of shortcuts through some phrases…
– Totally worth it to check out Katarina Karnéus’ take on Romeo entrance. i was going to _shower_ her with praises 🙂 until it hits the militarish part “La tremenda…” where i afraid she decorated it a bit too much at expense of intensity of situation. but voice-wise, wow. and did you know she won Cardiff singer of the world in 1995?
– now onto Giulietta… .b.r.a.v.a.
– argh, duet, best to listen live perhaps, gave me such a splitting headache, that’s some very high singing! both head splitting 🙂
– so i’ve got it, we just need to keep romeo and julia apart, then no headache! or they sing together but with entire male chorus, as in end of Act 1, fantastic music, fantastic singing.
– Giulietta alone to start Act 2 is .g.r.e.a.t.
– current Romeo / Tebaldo is very nice and balanced. i quite like the conducting, very non-intrusive, supporting the singers very nicely.
(ps- i think the contrast b/t female and male voices is very sharp between these particular singers so it sounds great. on the other hand, romeo is also indistinguishable from julia’s voice, and so when both is way way high together, time to turn down the speakers…)
– onto tomb scene…


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One Response to music for saturday

  1. Eyesometric says:

    And the programme is still there today. I have bookmarked for later. Had a quick flip through this and see what you mean about the decoration and the high singing. Nasty screech on a top F at the end of Act1.
    Also went to Cardiff 1995 site and found the mezzo singing Mahler.

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