more broadcasts

First up, today’s broadcast at 8PM EST from vivalavoce, a non-disturbing night in office to Nathalie Stutzmann and Bernarda Fink and Marc Minkowski, yay:

Click here for the stream at 8pm.

Some more broadcasts I saw scattering on internet:
Nina Stemme’s recital tomorrow at 1730GMT from Stockholm. That should be 1330PM EST, 30-Aug-2012.


This next one is going to be hard for me: Patrizia Ciofi and Laura Polvereli duet recital (anyone remember that lovely whiteshirt video broadcast from Liege??, think i saw it 6x total…, oh Ciofi…) on 31-Aug-2012 at 1030GMT from Montpellier (0630 EST!!, argh).

There’s also Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto live at 1800GMT (1400EST) here.

Finally, if you don’t own Kasarova’s “I capuleti e I montecchi” recording, you can listen for free courtesy of the Seattle Opera Broadcast on 1-Sept-2012 at 8PM PST (11PM EST), info here.


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8 Responses to more broadcasts

  1. thả diều says:

    oh, i can already hear some recycling music of Alcina here in …’s aria whoever is singing, Nathalie Stutzmann? Bernarda Fink? time to look for libretto…, oh yes, music from “si son quella non piu bella”

    and same music made it to Melissa’s aria “Ah! spietato! e non ti muove”.

    so, to aide distinguishing their voices, here’s Stutzmann’s “Notte amica dei riposi” and Fink’s “Agitato il cor mi sento“.

    LOOOVELY conducting and music!! *like*, and this is “Sinfonia”.

    wwwwaaau, that’s a CT!! i thought it was a soprano!! lovely voice actually, but waaaau, high!!! phew, false alarm, it _is_ indeed the soprano!! with loovely voice, oriana, orgando, confusing character names… really wonderful and warm soprano voice, can’t find a clip of hers singing in this opera on YT though…

    whew, that’s a wrap up. Toward 2nd act, it started sounding “similar”. there’s only so much one can handel in 1 sitting.

  2. Eyesometric says:

    Alas the Handel did not fit with my BST but it did sound fascinating. I may manage the duet recital (fond memories of that Liege video in early WS days! )

  3. thả diều says:

    grrrr, that swedish site, always such a maze looking for the “play” button, but here’s how i get there for Stemme: first go here, then on the right side there’s the orange/red bar “Lyssna” with a button with volume icon “Senaste sändningen”, clik on that.

    Edit: well, that was a very strange program, probably thanks to my inability to understand swedish and know what exactly the program is… At least we now learn how to pronounce “Stemme” correctly, and her brief moment, the voice is fantastic, a bit like you get lost in some strange (poetic) atmosphere with her voice hovering above.

    • earwormopera says:

      Wait – how do we pronounce Stemme? (I missed the recital – dumb me – but I do want to know how to say her name right)

      • thả diều says:

        oh, i somehow always assume the “S” is like when you say “Staatsoper” in german, but it’s more the soft “S” as in “sky” . Anyway, it was a rather strange program (as i said, thanks to my swedish illiteracy), clearly not her recital, she appeared for 5min may be…

  4. thả diều says:

    and here we are, 11pm is much more agreeable time. am currently tuned in to capuleti recording. I must admit am not a fan of recording, especially when we know how well she sang live. Also, Eva Mei gives me a headache quite often… but this is a good opportunity. the sound is a bit hollow, they’re really filtering the radio sound…

    Make that horrible sound… might have to abandon this broadcast, quite unacceptable… ok, finally sort out, crappy sound is from their mp3 link. 128K link sounds much better.

    *wow*, w.o.w. , and somehow i didn’t pay much attention to this recording before… might have been due to getting stuck on Dresden’s radio recoding indeed. but *.wow.* . that _is_ how to take out the male chorus vocally, yes.

    scratch my biased comment about Eva Mei above… she’s superb in this recording, at least in Giulietta’s entrance. here comes duet…

    )(*#$%#Q channel, grrr, back, just missed end of duet, grrr, that site is really getting on my nerve with the “welcome blah blah” SUPER LOUD message as well as confusing links…

    fffantastic chorus too, faaantastic quintet with chorus to end Act I. That’s the Bavarian Radio Chorus, yep, how about that and the chorus director instead of the mess in Munich? 🙂

    Onto Act II, but perhaps time to go home…

    so i still listening, wow, she does let it rip, watch out for the dynamic sound range. will have to convert the cd-set to mp3 for relistening indeed, really amazing (amazing is really the right word, even though i quite biased :-)), that tomb scene, some reallly wonderful piano singing. Even when ripping, nothing is about showing the voice, it’s really reflecting the turmoil / desperate moments…

    that’s a wrap up. HIGHLY recommend the cd set. and get yourself a pair of good speakers to resolve the sound range. off i run home…

  5. thả diều says:

    ah, perfect french prononciation, even i can understand. here we are, Ciofi and Polverelli’s recital, available until 30-Sept-2012. i love these quiet nights in the office.

    ah, more recycling music, first aria with music from Rosina’s. and for my claim of understanding French, not sure which opera Ciofi is singing with Elisabeth role :-). completely Rossini. very nice voice. oh, extract of “Elisabeth, Reine d’Angleterre” according to the host with nice pronounciation.

  6. Eyesometric says:

    One more for my list to listen later – looks really good.

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