more broadcasts…

first up, music for the evening:

that was the tune that immediately hooked me to “opera” path… actually the more i listen, the more i’m amazed with her tone.

but sidetrack, i missed a TON of broadcasts today, GMT time and evening EST just don’t mix, but here’s a nice one happening in 5min:

that’s quite a line up: Mijanovic, Beaumont, Basso, Kalna, Il Complesso, Alan Curtis… will try my capturing machine as well.

more soon, just putting up broadcast alert, happening in 2 min… here’s link to stream. WOW, NIIIIICE orchestra!!

.why does it sound so familiar the music at the beginning? wonder if i’ve listened to this before or whether it’s recycled music… though now that i think about it, might be one of those things Biondi and his orchestra was playing when i saw them in LA… (??)
.and the who-is-who (Kalna singing a male role! and Mijanovic a female one)
Motezuma..Emperor of Mexico..bass-baritone
Mitrena…his wife………..contralto
Teutile…his daughter…….soprano
Fernando..General of the Spanish armies..soprano castrato
Ramiro….his younger brother…………mezzo-soprano en travesti
Asprano…General of the Mexicas………soprano castrato

ok, 2hrs in, i give up. it’s actually very nice music, but… this “sameness” is invading… off searching for something with a bit more dynamics…

as mentioned, lots of broadcasts, i love listening to live concerts. anyhow, this edit is more about EVERYTHING i missed, including the Tchaikovsky’s piano concerto from Finland with no archive.. so here’s in place, picking up at this lovely moment:

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