afternoon music

finally up and walking after strange bug floored whole office floor since last weekend.. and finally a quiet afternoon at work, after many visitors + talks (just learned “g” in dutch has same sound as “kh” in vietnamese, try “khạc” , if 1/2 of the content in your throat ends up at your feet, you got it just right. and charmingly, that is the exact meaning of the word… have been doing lots of that this week :-p ). Anyhow, to continue with musical suggestion over at Anik’s… picking up here, a stretch that always sends me goosebumps (is that the harpsichord? or just plucking of strings? also love that fuzzy cat + puffy bear up the wall to strings + flutes some 11min later…)


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4 Responses to afternoon music

  1. Anik LaChev says:

    oh yes, another excuse to watch it, again! 😀

  2. Eyesometric says:

    … and again!
    I think what we are hearing is plucked strings and harp rather than harpsichord but I cannot find an orchestration list to verify this, not even on the notes which come with the DVD ( the notes with the very fetching photo of Orphée holding a violin and wearing a watch! )

    • thả diều says:

      thanks Eyes. I thought plucked strings too, but at times it sounds distinctively harp (oh ja, i meant harp, not harpsichord!!!) i meant this gigantic thing in the middle here during Boston Baroque’s performance last year of orfeo ed euridice (there’s a reason i always get these two names confused, why is one called harp and another harpsichord? chord = strings to me, and harp, well it’s in both 😀 )

      • Eyesometric says:

        Well, in your photo there is a harpsichord with a harp next to it – looks like a small-scale chamber harp. As it was Boston Baroque they would be doing the original Gluck version whereas Berlioz’s scoring would use a more modern line-up. So at the concert you would hear/see the harpsichord played most of the time with the harp deployed occasionally for speciall effect.
        Next time I watch the DVD I shall listen to see how much harp there is !!

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