music to start the week

hurra, finally a full recording with Anne Sofie von Otter! Actually i’ve listened to some of her recordings but much prefer (as always) live recordings. The same yt-ber also uploaded that full version of mozart mass in c minor with her and Barbara Bonney. anywho, here’s _again_ berlioz’ “La damnation de faust”, picking up at lovely female chorus entrance:

more chance to explore some of those singers a bit before my (opera) time, yay. I quite enjoyed Georg Solti’s take. just barely making it to the Hungarian March, and continuing forward… This is one of the few works I “addicted” to.

(ps- it almost looked like the PROMS, until the german subtitles appear…)

ASvO made her entrance @ 1hr10min07sec, what a voice!!
back after 3rd round, this time with time tag:
@1hr38m45s = entrance to D’amour l’ardente flamme
really like overall tempo + all singers

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2 Responses to music to start the week

  1. Eyesometric says:

    I’ve been gradually working my way through this to see if I agree – and I do. Solti is a joy to watch as well as listen to and the chorus work is stunning. Having seen the staged version though I think it looks a bit odd in concert version, almost best just to listen. However the big hair and big frocks are something to behold!!

    • thả diều says:

      actually i relistened to it at least 15x.. it’s probably one of my favorite versions of the work. What i can say from the conducting and orchestra particularly is that there’re new interesting things I hear which at first brain says “hmm, different!” followed by: “interesting! like!” A little change in tempo and certain places, injection of instruments which are prominent enough for the ears to pick up and enjoy. also reallly like the chorus ans you said. Actually i quite like the concert setting, putting singers up front, chorus in back, and orchestra everywhere so one can hear all sorts of exchanges between them while singers don’t get drowned out.
      I’ll resist discussing the dress 🙂 . but i reallly realllly like her voice!! This, and that mozart mass with BB and Gardiner are the right place to introduce me to ASvO. I’ll dig up more… including that famous rosenkavalier…

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