going underground

to do some more serious writing (of academic type, wish i can write fictions and poetry…), which means another visit to the english grammar. Reading that reminds me of the various ??? (accusative vs. something-dative) a friend was explaining while attempting to teach me some basic german grammar. Given i had such a hard time getting what he was saying, the conclusion (by me) is that a child should learn the most complex language from the beginning, just so you can understand these various definitions. coz like me, growing up with a language which doesn’t need conjugation, no singular/plural, no past/present/future tenses, they’re true headaches… of course these are also just simply excuses… i still have ambition to learn German down the line… there’s of course that book to motivate after all : – ).

So, rambling. anyhow, whenever am in office for some serious writing, that moscow trip comes to mind again… along with thoughts of what music one should listen for the rest of the long night… Am thinking Händel again (got that dvd w/ VK and the puppet show in Barcelona sitting here…), though somehow this aria is serious sticking in the head the last whole week. i’ve posted before. she has such an interesting voice. At first, the ears are adjusting, while brain discriminantly (biasedly) trying to find a reason why she doesn’t fit this or that mold or why she’s not singing the same as your favorite singer(s)… but after 3 phrases in, the brain just settles to completely enjoying…

Händel might still come later…
edit: here comes Händel a few days later, i love this very very short tune with chorus. In fact, that’s the way Händel draws me in i think, a very lovely overture, then finale chorus, so must stay until the end. and that’s how you get everything else in between by “accident” :-).


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8 Responses to going underground

  1. Eyesometric says:

    I did not realise the puppet show production was a DVD! and I have spent a lovely time rereading your Moscow post and the comments while listening to ACA.

  2. earwormopera says:

    Have you ever read the essay by Mark Twain about learning German?

    Enjoying listening to Antonacci right now!

    • thả diều says:

      :-D, that is _just_ darn funny. but a friend of mine who’s russian said russian is even more complicated, so for her learning german was easy!

      hi Eyes, yes, dvd! u want? ;-). i admit haven’t listened to music at all this whole week… need some sleep in fact, but now that we r talking about this, perhaps a bit of handel to start the day then… some exciting proposed work in the making…

      ps- that impromtu ws gathering was great fun no? memorable event to go w/ memorable paper, the subject of which is visited in current proposal!!

      edit- i’ve rewatched ACA again, and again… think one of these days i have to try to catch her in europe in a live opera!

  3. thả diều says:

    crawling to p. 7…

    • Eyesometric says:

      What are you listening to to keep you awake? or is the paper’s subject matter totally riveting?
      The only work I really remember is “cute pools” !

      • thả diều says:

        no no, absolutely no music! it was true combing, 15 single-spaced 11pt font… just made it to the end! quite exciting work though, still iterating, deadline in 1.5 day… after which i will reward myself w/ a whole day of sleep, followed by another report and 2 meetings 😀 . you can temporarily replace “pool” with “strait” and “seas” for now… back to fighting with “data management”, then i shoudl call it a night!

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